The strength within the Aam Aadmi

MLAs surrounding speaker in Delhi Assembly

Arvind Kejriwal made a small speech hinting at a resignation. The last two days have festered with the bjp and Congress nuisance over the Janlokpal bill. Dr Harshvardhan keeps parroting to media that bjp supports the Janlokpal Bill “100%”, but for some strange reason, expresses that support as voting against the bill being tabled.

The last two days have seen rowdiness in the Assembly in attempts to oppose the tabling of a bill they committed to support. Torn papers, broken microphones and a surrounded speaker make a mockery of Dr Harshvardhan’s claim of 100% support. Either he is lying or has no control over his MLAs…. or this is BJP’s idea of support.

MLAs surrounding speaker in Delhi Assembly
MLAs surrounding speaker in Delhi Assembly after Arvind Kejriwal tabled the Janlokpal Bill.

Kejriwal was predictably upset and hinted at resigning.

We came here with no experience
We were hoping to learn from the senior and more experienced members here
Disappointed with everything I have seen so far
Mikes were broken, papers were torn
(on interruptions) I have listened to you without interrupting, now please give me a chance to speak
I read the Constitution, but I didn’t find anywhere that it is alright to rip papers, and break mikes in Assembly
It is being said that we have done something unconstitutional. The Constitution does not mention anywhere that the Centre’s permission is needed.
Mukesh Ambani gives donation to Congress and bjp
If we hadn’t gone against Ambani, this scene would not have been created in the Assembly
bjp and Congress have together looted the residents of Delhi
I will make 1000 sacrifices to fight corruption
We will fight on the streets
We are not here to save our government, but to save the nation from corruption
This seems like our last session

What was amazing on Twitter was the euphoria. One would imagine a party stalled at every turn to be more bitter. Indeed that is what we have come to expect from parties thwarted. Not AAP. There were accusations and sarcasm flying both ways. What was missing was any sense of defeat.

It reminded me of the days before the Delhi elections when media and politics were ranged against the Aam Aadmi Party, and people were murmuring about “at least they will have tried”. But the Aam Aadmi Party supporters were confident of their support base among the voters. None of the media coverage or the political accusations could shake their confidence in their leaders or the results they were expecting.

I see that happen again today. Kejriwal’s accusation of the Congress and bjp being obstructive because of the FIR against Mukesh Ambani is true as far as I am concerned. I see it reflected in the media bias, in the dug up histories, in the accusations of horrendous crime for things that would seem child’s play in comparison with what the accusers defend routinely. It is enough. It is time to strengthen that confidence with some more of the same.

Enough of the greed, the power hoarders, their puppet media and puppeteer corporations. These cartels need to be demolished if India is to have a future. Whether it is with AAP or more hopes emerging when the suffocating control is gone.

This time around, I’m not going to be foolish enough to dismiss it as merely idealistic optimism. The Aam Aadmi Party is proving relentless and committed under the leadership of Kejriwal and this time around, I  expect and know that they are going to demolish that “feeding frenzy of kleptocracy”.

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2 thoughts on “The strength within the Aam Aadmi”

  1. The politicians have not yet realized that AAP is a mass movement and not just a political party. So the element of surprise is still with AAP. Lets catch them unawares again this time!

  2. Kejriwal was in a win win situation. Whatever he had one, he would have benefited. The condition of revolution have long been there in India. So right now, moral victory triumphs over everything else. We all have known for a long time now that BJP and congress have no morals anyways, so it is like a monopoly for AAP.

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