Stop being touchy over Gods

eople kill others over Gods being insulted. They burn buses, do other harm. They get touchy, promote hate, act superior, claim to know their God better than others, force their version of God on others… With so many religions in the world, it is becoming a social menace. You don’t know when your disbelief becomes an insult for someone. Dying for it is an unacceptable price.

In my eyes, we are misplacing solutions. The classic solution for rape should be applied to insult of Gods. It fits perfectly. Keep Gods restricted to home, specific places meant for them and limited time.

If God is powerful, he doesn’t need you to protect him, if he isn’t powerful, he’s useless as a protector anyway. If he is a decent sized God, powerful enough to be applicable to the entire world, he should be able to take care of himself before taking care of the world and doesn’t need piddly little you to burn buses and kill people. Get it?

You kill people for insulting Gods, I start an insult Gods campaign to desensitize you from overreacting. Protect Gods, find your humanity. Best way to prevent abuse of Gods is the rape principle. Keep them confined to home and away from potential abusers. If women can be restricted out of respect to prevent them from being abused, I don’t see why this can’t be done with Gods, out of respect.

If you aren’t doing it for God, but as an expression of your worship, know this – most Gods don’t like killing and harming – or at least claim so. This will not get you bonus points, but minus points in the heavenly accounts.

If it is a God you have created to legitimize whatever inhumanity you are inclined to conduct, I see through you. You are a monster, and your God is a cardboard cutout you hide behind.

If God doesn’t exist for you, you should still not kill people and burn buses.

No matter what brand of God you are using. Bottom line is to remain legal, or accept that you are criminals, and your God is an excuse. If you believe in God, you are abusing him, if you don’t, you’re fooling others.

No more burnt buses, killed people, threats, hate mongering. Get it?

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2 thoughts on “Stop being touchy over Gods”

  1. Very true. 

    Live an authentic life, call a spade a spade, keep away from rubbish, and enjoy all the blessings that you do have. And that includes the ability to keep the muck out of your lives. 

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