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Sanjeev Singh; Ravi Agarwal, Webolaxy, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

They are seasoned hands, assures Ravi Agarwal: “… toh humne Congress  BJP sabke liye kar rakha hai (… so we have done it both for Congress and for BJP).” They have been in this business of reputation management on social media for the past five years and have worked for parties like Congress and BJP.

As the duo describes a host of services they can bring to our table, Agarwal claims on camera to have worked for Modi: “Narendra Modi ka Sir fan page jo hai na … hum log Ahmedabad ki ek company hai unka hum log bhi kaam kar rahe hain usmein … All About Ads company hai … event company hai … unke saath mein hum partnership mein Narendra Modi ji ke Facebook page pe bhi kaam kar rahe hain (Sir, there is this fan page of Narendra Modi’s … there is a company in Ahmedabad … all About Ads company hai … it is an event company … we are working in partnership with them on the Facebook page of Narendra Modiji’s).”

Agarwal knows the pulse of our society ridden with biases of language, caste and creed, and knows how he can engineer such sentiments to make political capital. One has to reach out to voters in their own language which Agarwal calls as language calling, a concept new to India. Listen carefully how casually he puts it: “… profile banayenge … har dharma ke logon ki … maan lijiye agar mussalman hain toh BJP se mussalman log kum jude hue hain … toh hum pachas profile mussalman ke banayenge … fake profile … aur wo keval minister apne jo hain jo aapke jo Neta hain unki badai karenge … haan … aur kya hai na ye alag alag profile jo hogi ye saari jaise maan lijiye Raheem ke naam se ek profile banai … theek hai … ab ye Raheem kya karega saare mussalman logon ko apni profile mein jodega kyonki direct BJP se koi judega nahin (… we will make profiles of people of all religions … suppose there are Muslims … now only few of them are associated with the BJP … so we will make 50 Muslim profiles … fake profile … and they will only praise the minister, your Netaji … yes … and with these different profiles … for example, we make profile in the name of Raheem … Ok … now what this Raheem will do is he will link all Muslims to his profile because no Muslim would like to associate with the BJP).”

Look at how Agarwal would destroy the reputation of our opponent, applying the same method. “Negative aap chahte ho unki burai karein (By negative you mean to defame him).” Listen to the revelation Agarwal is going to make: “Kya hai na usmein kya hai na ki jaise ki aapne dekha hoga anticongress.com … unki fake profile banayenge … uss fake profile ko hum promote karenge … abhi ek aapko dikhate hain example Sir … dikhana wo … usko judayenge logon ko fake logon ko judayenge … burai karenge unki jo (What there is, you must have seen, for example, anticongress.com … we will make his fake profile … we will promote that fake profile … let us show you an example Sir .. [to his colleague] … show that … will get it linked to fake people who will say bad things about him).”

Agarwal reassures of the result: “Wo Sir itni profile bana denge itni profile bana denge Internet pe itni profile … kum se kum … log honge chaar hazar Facebook pe negativity daalenge (Sir, we make so many profiles on the Internet that we will at least 4000 people doing this negativity stuff on Facebook).”

We also come to know that the duo have contributed heavily to Narendra Modi’s following on this digital world. Listen carefully to what Singh says: “Bahut laye hain Sir (We have brought many likes for him Sir).”

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