RTI for folder on RTI amendments lost. Now what?

This is priceless.

Just got an email explaining how Commodore Lokesh Batra (retd), who is an RTI activist and following the proposed amendments to the RTI act did NOT get information he needed. An important file containing public responses to DoPT’s invitation (of 2010) for comments on the proposed amendments to RTI Rules has apparently gone missing, thus vanishing hundreds of hours of carefully considered feedback by people investing their expertise and effort into improving transparency and accountability in the country.

To quote:

“The folder on the subject ‘Proposed Amendments to RTI Rules’ is missing and could not be traced. All Sections, Desks of DoPT have been requested to return the same, if found.”

When an RTI about vitally important documents related with the RTI itself goes missing, it is clear that we need a stronger RTI, and not the current efforts to neuter it. I will be updating this page with further information as it unfolds. Here are the RTI documents with me.

Download:File with feedback on RTI amendments lost Or read below:


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