RIP Reuben Fernandes: Funeral Today

Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes

Funeral of Reuben Fernandez is at St. Blaise Church, Amboli on 1st November 2011 at 4:00pm

As the hurt, anger and grief flows down the page of the group honoring Keenan Santos (and now Reuben Fernandes), it isn’t too difficult to see what is getting people so raw and frustrated.

RIP Reuben Fernandes: Funeral Today 1

A post by Clifford D’souza voices the collective thoughts and numb resolve.

Stand up for what is right and do the right thing

Keenan passed away while his friends and family prayed for his existence. Reuben passed away while the entire country prayed for him. A local MLA visits Keenan & Reuben’s family offering condolences and then goes to Valmiki Nagar assuring the killers that they have all the backing in the world for some justice that they never ever deserve. The 4 main accused have been arrested and they claim that they will be out within months, unharmed. The other 13 men are still at large and claim they had nothing to do with it. Eye-witnesses just stood there watching a so-called ‘Tamasha’ happening. And we friends and folks are just cribbing about what can be done when the people who were close to us or who have become very close to our hearts can never be brought back into this world.

Where is the “Maharashtra Navanirman Sena’. Isn’t Amboli a part of the so called ‘Aamchi Mumbai’. Why are political parties interfering in this matter. Even if they interfere, why would those jackasses support both sides at the same time? Why would a MLA of the locality fight for the killers by arranging lawyers for them and assuring them that everything will be fine and they will not be behind bars for long?

What I ask as I type this is, ‘Is there a GOD?’ Is there something called as justice? Can we bank on our so called leaders in this pathetic political system? Has this incident with Keenan & Reuben justified the meaning of ‘Jungle Raj’?

Keenan and Reuben, I didn’t know them. We have a few mutual friends but the incident they were involved in touched my heart. It made me think, I can be a Keenan Santos tomorrow too when I stand up for a friend of mine in a similar situation. What do I do then? Have my friends mourn or help things get better now so that a future Keenan Santos massacre can be avoided? There are many questions, a lot of time, but very few answers to give.

We have thousands of members in this group and we should leverage this number to our advantage. Use the power of Social Media to have as many eyeballs attracted to his awareness as possible. Come together, form an organization/movement and put it forward to the Mumbai Police/Government. After this incident and the ongoings I doubt we can trust the Government or Police in this. We have our churches, temples, mosques and other religious institutions. There should be something we can do to make sure the policies in such cases are more stringent and unchanged.

This city is far from being called as ‘Safe’. Yes, people unite in terms of support and prayers, but this happens only after some attack or the other. These have to be stopped and you my friends can be the best carriers of this message. Go out, spread the word, do what is right, leverage all contacts you have got, come up with ideas & suggestions and I’m sure I’m not the only one listening to these ideas. One man could never change the world, it all happens in the movies. A group of people who believe in what they are doing can certainly affect the way the world thinks for sure.

It’s painful and disheartening to say this after all that happened and I hope it happens after such a brutal incident, but –

‘Rest In Peace Keenan and Reuben. You are our heroes for what you have done and I’m sure we’ll be able to crack the code and help make this world a better place to live in’.

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28 thoughts on “RIP Reuben Fernandes: Funeral Today”

  1. I have been in Mumbai from last five years and recently shifted to US…I was proud that Girls can roam around without any fear at night in mumbai….however this incident shocked me……I want Justice to be done at any cost..these two brave guys…fought alond with their friends…..while other people were just watching…..we have to help each other against such gundaraaj…….

  2. Vesavkar Vaishnavi

    bloody murderers …………..bhikari street dogs go crazy behind sophiticated gals………n start bullying……………….dis guys  shuld ….just …. b  ****ed  to death ……..dis all people just spoils ours as well as india,s name.

  3. Vesavkar Vaishnavi

    we want justice ……………………………………………………want those murderer to b cut into pieces ……………………………by the common people ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we want justice ……….n protection for the people

  4. Thakray ? lol thakray is a nice guy, i like that person, but he is a politician, and being a politician he is not allowed to interfere, unless the matter gets so big in media, then he those all politician will come into this…. Do whatever, but give them the punishment that will be lesson for others, because its not just about a murder, a guy stood up against something wrong ( harassment of girls, eve teasing ) and ended up in loosing his precious life… if they didn’t get proper [ INSAAF ] then for sure several others eve-teasers will get motivated.. and more and more girls on road’s will be abused and harassed.

    Things to learn from this ?
    1. dont become hero in front of girls 🙂 .. well i am not blaming these brave-hearts but they could had solved the situation differently and politely [by this i mean making rana understand that what is he doing is really wrong] .. so there must be something done by these brave-hearts also, that provoked rana so much that he really killed them.

    2. there should be a new kind of law should be build and for the crimes related to girls [rape,sexual-harassment] the person should be given such worst kind of punishment that it should be a lesson to others, else if u just keep realising them on bail and give them 3 years imprisonment ten that wont change anything.

    Now if i say that lets take out there 1 eyes out, and one kidney and anything extra in his body surgically and donate it to someone needed, and just leave them with the organs that just needed to live in pain forever and then put them in jail.. now many peoples will say that aww thats inhuman, well I say what they did was that really human  ? well its not about giving them the punishment, what happened is happened that cant be changed, BUT this punishment is to give leason to others, so that others dont do such inhuman thing, they think 100 times before doing t and then remember the punishment and then forget about doing it… else if you keep thinking about that we cant gie that worst punishment as its inhuman then peoples like those will keep on doing this kind of wrong things.

    1. @seo cloacker- i think because of ppl like you these eve teasers get support…i read your full content and i was surprised on begining..u are saying thackray is nice guy….this guy is politician can interfere not celebrate valentines day but he shuld not interfere when there is need of justice…..fuck wat bull shit thinking you have….
      you also …said not to be a hero infront of girls and realise rana ….holy shit u say …..i m really soory for ruben and keenan..but what they did was right…yes they lost their life…but they were brave and YOU SHULD BE HERO LIKE THEM EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO PUT YOUR LIFE ON STAKE…SALUTE U BOTH GUYS….AND SEO CLOACKER….FUCK THE HELL U THINK

  5. Its very sad  Reuben and Keenan  You shall  be missed……… By your deaths you became heroes but  I am sure In life you were  heros  too  R.I.P. my christian Brothers….

  6. I offer my deepest condolences to the families and friends of these two brave, young men. Justice, as we know it here on Earth, can be bought and sold. But the one true God above says this, in Romans 12:19 of the New International Version of the Holy Bible – Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. 

    Take heart those of you who grieve. God’s justice will be done. never fear. 

  7. I do not know but how could their females friends watch their friends die? Real woman do not stand in a side, when going gets tough. 

    If I really cared for my friends I’d have died with them. Could you ladies watch had your son, brother, father been assaulted?

    To really honour Keenen and Reuben, please next time ‘die’ saving instead of watching.

    1. Its very easy to sit in the comfort of our living room and comment that they shd have done this and that………..We will never understand what they actually went through at that unfortunate moment……its extremely irresponsible to criticise their actions as they way you have done…………..

      Its really unfortunate that such an incident happened and even more so that some people find faults!!!
      We are proud of the guys who stood up against wrong. We need to continue their fight…..its the only way to honour them!!!!Our prayers and condolences with the family and friends of the heroes

  8. Please cut hands and legs of the people who killed and let them free on the road. and also please do cut their tounge. That will be the best punishment to these guys

  9. Shashank Invincible

    The thackeray’s won’t come out. The goons came from a major vote bank and the local elections are nearing.
    the killer’s lawyer’s have been sponsored by the local MLA

  10. ASHOK BHAU JADHAV (9820057819) lets call him, speak with him and tell him that we need justice. That we hope you will be our guiding star and help us book these murderers. Lets tell him that SIR we expected more from a person of your stature, and that its time you delivered the goods. Whoever gets to talk with him can relay your conversation on this blog.

    1. i heard that its the same MLA who has sponsered lawyer’s to the murders….do read his wonderful educational background and contribution made to the society…

  11. People are talking about not voting and teaching these politicians a lesson. I think that’s what these corrupt politicians want that we don’t vote and they can send these goons to vote on your name (Bogus Voting).However people may argue this fact that it doesn’t happen you should remember that this is “India”.Politician can make fake certificate and contest for elections so don’t think it will be difficult for them to get their goons some fake ID’s. I ain’t gonna vote for any party. Parties like the MNS and Shiv Sena (BJP) just cause problem to the middle class people with their bandhs and rioting.Next we have the Congress who are feeding themselves and their families with Tax Payers hard earned money and they to have a lot of muscle power from Valmiki Nagar. Its time to vote smart and vote for the right candidate.We have NGO’s like AGNI who help you to know your candidate much better.They have a list of all candidates and their records which includes educational criminal and past history. Please know your candidate before you vote please vote for a candidate without any criminal record.If educated people start voting we will have better governance and we can avoid such a situation in the future.I have gone to vote and it has never taken me more than 15 mins and I still wonder why people don’t come out to vote? The power to change is yours and you have a choice lets change the system lets keep our streets safe for everyone.  

  12. RIP Buddies…I still can’t believe this has happened…These boys were not a threat to society or people living in it. Its really unfortunate my heart goes out to their family and friends. I knew Kenan and Rueben and feel so proud to have known them…

  13. RIP Buddies…I still can’t believe this has happened…These boys were not a threat to society or people living in it. Its really unfortunate my heart goes out to their family and friends. I knew Kenan and Rueben and feel so proud to have known them…

    1. Mumbai is ruled by Police, Politicians an Goons. My story is another episode where builder forced a truck in my house and broke it. This was because I was not giving him possition of my house for him to develop.  The police only arrested the driver and charged him with negligence amd released on same day. I am without my house for 2 years now. Matter is in the court. I am 73 years old and am sure will not get my house back before I die. My lawyer is doing everything court in favour of builder and asking me to compromise. Where does the common man go?

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