Ravi Sharma, developer asks AAP to stop using his softwares


Ravi Sharma, who has developed the softwares AAP uses to generate donation certificates, candidate profiles and “voice of AAP” has asked Aam Aadmi Party to stop using the creations (whose code he owns) till the current problems in AAP are resolved.

Fellow Aapians,
I am very small volunteer of AAP and having seen recent behaviour of AAP office bearer make me think again if i need to volunteer for such people.(I still have believe in AAP as party and all volunteers who have worked hard for Delhi victory and still believe that our leaders AK/YY/PB/SS will do the right thing once they come out of their personal anger for each other)

I was working for ideology and not for few people who are sitting in AAP office or Delhi “sachiwalaya”. So with heavy heart I will take back my all efforts from AAP, I won’t ask my money back, but until current problems of AAP are not resolved I am asking @aamaadmiParty not to use the Donation certificates technology(more then 110000 certificates shared), voice of aap(85+ lakhs people reach, more then 134000 FB posts, more then 183000 tweets/retweets), Candidate profiles which collected more then 4 crores during LS and Delhi elections, Daily Donation update which was going to more then 1000 FB group with reach to 30 Lakh Facebook members and every other technology pieces which were provided by me. I still have ownership to the code rights and have control over its usage.

Special Thanks to Vibhu NayanShashank Kumar and other designers who helped for Certificate designing and DDU posters.

And my humble request to AAP Halla Bol group which was created by us, please spare me with from your abuses, You guys are part of team where you want to convey AAP positivity outside AAP and not attack your own fellow AAPians.

This follows Sunil Kumar Lal refusing AAP the rights to use its logo, which he had designed and Kundan Sharma asking Arvind Kejriwal to return the WagonR he had donated to the party.

The number of ways in which dissenting volunteers continue to resist changes they do not see as beneficial for the party continues to garner my respect. Of all my mistaken evaluations of AAP, this one stands strong – that even if the leadership of AAP is compromised, it will not be as easy for them as for other politicians to compromise stated agendas of the party.

This is one of the biggest safeguards AAP has. This tenacity. Volunteers neither bowed to the leadership, nor gave up in cynicism. In its own way, perhaps the actions of these dissenters are the real political solution for India. Not miraculously perfect parties waiting for fatal flaws, but supporters who will not abdicate their voice.

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4 thoughts on “Ravi Sharma, developer asks AAP to stop using his softwares”

  1. I support AAP, but I think their leadership is really naive and stupid. This is just another example of it. They don’t have the rights to their logos, or softwares and their own wives are filing domestic violence cases against them.

    About that domestic violence case…. I think it is false, because what most news channels failed to mention is that they’re actually living apart for more than 3 years now (I haven’t confirmed this though). This means that she was actually opening the door for Bharti every time he visited knowing full well that she’s about to be thrashed. I don’t think I can buy that.

    But what he did last year was really stupid when he just rolled up to some African woman’s residence with police late at night claiming to be responding to a complaint about drugs and prostitution (probably… don’t remember).

    But these things are really insignificant. All they need to do is to shake things up a bit in Indian politics. Oil the gears a little

  2. Now that the Kejriwal and his goons have all the MLA funds and can kick anyone on the backside, they can easily buy a paid software. I mean its not like they have to start and they need 1 or 2 crores of donations from Bhushans to keep themselves afloat.
    I mean they have no reason to appear phony now that they have used the volunteers to every juice of the bone they can throw them away and get paid bhakts for aap like modi has. They can now show their true self ….. now they can boldly say that they hate lokpal, right to recall or video recording of the meetings to put in public domain for which reason Kejriwal had broken the talks of forming a lokpal with congress.
    Dude, you have been played by bluffmaster, its your own fault.

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