Police state and illegitimate citizens

Labourers in Atta Mandi, Amritsar, Punjab

We as a society seem to be getting more and more repressed and judgmental, even as the government seems to be making more and more rules to fix problems. Living under rules adds to the repression, and so on. In this process, we aren’t becoming a better country, we are becoming a country better at hiding what is deemed undisplayworthy.

Have these laws changed things for the better? Do we really have less prostitution, drug abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, gendericide? No. Hard facts stare in our face. This new year’s eve, Mumbai set a new record for arrests on drunken driving. This census shows that the divide between the male and female population among older people is better than that among those up to six years (in other words, since sex selective abortion was banned). A woman was murdered in broad daylight in the capital of our country on Women’s day. And the

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