Pakistan and Israel

For two countries that hate each other, both have much in common.

  • Both are comparitively young countries.
  • Both seem to be surrounded by enemies on all borders.
  • Both claim to be in existential struggles against enemies either incapable or disinclined to destroy them.
  • Both have some sea and have used it to strike terror against helpless civilians.
  • Both are extremely aggressive and have ‘national narratives’ that seem to contradict reality.
  • Both have been engaged in long standing land disputes.
  • Both have illegal possession of the land of their neighbours, which they claim for their own just ‘because’.
  • Both have the backing of the US in some of the most inhuman actions against mankind.
  • Both have intelligence organizations of dubious ethics and actions.
  • Both have a lot of excuses for their evil actions – usually excuses that point fingers and incite further hatred against their ‘enemies’.
  • Both hate each other.

If we leave religion out of things, it is possibly an example of how greed for land can destroy the lives of generations that live in it. On a more sobering note, it is also an expression of the fear of vulnerability of a newly born nation with ‘enemies’ larger than it – the entire Arab region for Israel, and its parent country for Pakistan. Operating from fear makes us what we fear, I guess. The first act of war is defense.

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