Open letter to BJP supporters

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Dear bhakts,

This letter is tough to write for me. Less because I was wrong and more because I really don’t like the Lok Sabha Election result and many of the methods that led to it either.

That said, I was wrong. Completely. I thought at best it would be an NDA government. I had not imagined a BJP majority and a BJP majority without even a leader of the opposition was not even considered. Clearly I was wrong.

I still don’t believe BJP has the capacity to handle diversity, which is vital for a country like India. I do believe there is an inherent cruel streak among BJP supporters against those they consider “other” and a tendency to get rid of them. Whether asking that they commit suicide or that they go to Pakistan and such on social media, or leaders speeches or the organized efforts put into hate campaigning. I don’t think this enriches India – even a BJP controlled India.

However, this moment of satisfaction is due, and I have no hesitations admitting it that I was wrong and I am completely saddened by this result. What is even more disgusting is the foot soldiers of a ruling party telling people to leave the country or commit suicide or use Burnol and more. Clearly, the intention of Modi for the well being of all citizens of India is not shared by his band of merry men. And we all know how Modi was innocent but Gujarat happened anyway. This may not be Gujarat, but I know the script. Modi intends to take all along. He can’t be considered responsible for those going around bullying people who are empowered by this win.

Perhaps I need to make a “Modi is not responsible” generator before even he takes oath. No matter what happens, he is the man of progress and he is not responsible. And this is the cost of progress. Very well. We must live with it. Not like we have any choice.

Because the problem isn’t Modi. The problem is you lot whom he counts on for votes and is unable to control. You, who claim to worship the ground he walks on, except where he says anything that may get you to not bully people. Modi’s ability to lead you is clearly seen when he calls for respecting women and you trend a tag insulting Sonia. It is seen when he speaks of inclusion and you are talking deportations. If Modi was all he said, it isn’t so much of a problem. The problem is that Modi says what he wants, while his machine is on another track. The worship mainly seems to be for being able to be bullies without restriction, since either Modi is supremely ignorant or he knows about both Giriraj Singh as well as the paid bullying campaigns running a counterpoint to his speeches of inclusion and his fine with his two track messages – one proper for making news, the other bullying to control.

Do I accept this result as fair? Do I think this is what India deserved? No. I think this government is the Congress’s parting gift to India. An extreme state of fed up that recoiled so bad, it toppled over the other side. Or that classic film scene where a victim of one horror flees it blindly only to be run over by a car.

Is there a Modi wave? It seems so. Is this behavior we see from you what India wants its society to be? Extremely unlikely. Unfortunately, extremely unavoidable.

That said, in case you want better screen shots to troll me with, here are some quotes. You are right, and you may repeat it as often as you like.

I had thought Modi will not be Prime Minister. I was wrong.

I had thought BJP will not get majority, I was wrong.

I believe that BJP cannot handle diveristy – I hope you are able to prove me wrong. It will be better than me being proved right.

Moving forward, here is some heartening news for you. Few countries recover from right wing infestations easily. There is no threat to your control in a hurry. There are five years left yet. If, beyond Modi and BJP, there exists an India, it would be nice if you could dial down the hate for Indians you don’t like for a while or at least trying to delegitimize their Indian citizenship. You purchased a campaign that gave your messiah five years governing the country, not the country itself.

Join the Intellectual Anarchy!

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