Open letter to Aamir Khan || attn: @aamir_khan


Dear Aamir Khan,

This is about a video of you on the subject of All India Bakchod’s Knockout Roast. I agree with many views you expressed. I think it was juvenile, offensive, irresponsible. I agree that being profane for the sake of being profane is not funny. I agree that jokes about identity, color of skin or sexual orientation – particularly blunt, outright insults – are not funny. I saw the Roast. Some of it was funny, some in bad taste. It had multiple content warnings like you can’t miss.

I appreciate that you stressed the extent of the right to object, in terms of expressing your dislike and requesting that the offensive speech be discontinued.

If you had kept it at that, I would not have a problem with your views. As someone speaking up for Free Speech for years now, I have a problem when you put the onus of not offending on the speaker with your talk of the creator having responsibility and oh so virtuous nonsense about “dil dukhana” and what not. You claim to be a responsible creator, yet I distinctly recollect speaking up to defend your film PK (which I haven’t seen yet) from people who were outraged by whatever insult they perceived in it.

If the responsibility of not offending falls on the creator of the content, then perhaps you are not as ideal as you seemed to imply with the Delhi Belly example and perhaps should have added content warnings of another sort “Caution: Religion discussed here” etc and people objecting should have requested you with folded hands, etc. You know first hand what happens when angry people don’t like content. Do you see the anger as your fault?

The opinions you expressed seemed to lack the gravity of understanding. The situation was beyond saying “please” FIRs were filed. There were threats, intimidation. The All India Bakchod videos are offline and they are busy issuing apologies left, right and center. At this point, when you speak of them being responsible for offending, it is the same as saying you are responsible for the vandalized theaters. How you think offense should be expressed is irrelevant when you speak after it has already been expressed. Who you blame can still be applicable and do much damage to free speech overall. “Even Aamir Khan said that you should not offend people”.

It isn’t the polite requests to desist that are the problem with Free Speech – the subject of the controversy and reason you were asked to comment at all. It is because lives and property are routinely harmed. Voices are silenced. The issue is way bigger than a juvenile video or what you or I think about it, when you expand your opinion into a blanket responsibility on the creator for “Who is responsible for hurt sentiments?”

Because, that question also answers who is responsible for Perumal Murugan being hounded or Shirin Dalvi having to go underground and her newspaper shut down or theaters showing PK being vandalized – with the WRONG ANSWER. People may not follow your guidelines on asking politely, but they will have no problem appropriating your words on the responsibility of those they want to silence to not anger them.

That is how FIRs get filed and threats made and you get invited to comment on a “wrong” done EVEN AFTER APOLOGIES AND THE VIDEO BEING PULLED DOWN. Way past the time for “Please, Sorry, Thank you”. Your words end up endorsing intolerance by legitimizing people being offended and having the right to expect the creator to discontinue. You may accept that as your limit, but if others did, then Free Speech wouldn’t be a rights issue, it would be a talk show where everyone shares opinions and goes home happy.

When a large voice like yours tells people that people speaking must be careful, and people who get offended can ask them to stop, a thousand voices like mine get raw throats trying to talk sanity on the issue and explain why it is not okay to shut people up just because you don’t like what they say. “but even Aamir Khan agrees…” The louder the voice, the more power to heal or damage it has. I request you to be careful with where you lay blame.

Out of stray curiosity and as a side note, I want to ask you if you asked Karan and Arjun to not propagate the videos of the event further – like showing clips to people, like you saw, or putting on youtube – since that is the method you are recommending and you also say that you thought the show was offensive. If you did it, and they listened, perhaps this whole situation wouldn’t have happened?

A blogger who cares for the Freedom of Expression.


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    1. So, are you saying that girls are courageous, so is Vidyut OR girls blabber, so does Vidyut??
      I would be grateful if you could elaborate what you meant by statement.

      1. JSA – Well, I am not sure what you mean to ask Allenage, but know for sure that you are a jerk – regardless or your gender – you have one btw?

        1. I may or may not have a gender, which is immaterial.
          Thanks for letting me know that I am a jerk. I have never noticed that before!!
          My implication was that why would Allenage call Vidyut a girl while it is known that Vidyut is not, except for the reason that Allenage “might” be a sexist.

        2. My apologies. I thought that VIdyut was a guy’s name and the usual rhetoric of calling someone a girl is to insult, which I don’t agree with. However, I was wrong.

  1. I think in general, rude behaviour and bad language is being celebrated these days. This is not a healthy trend. I started to actually feel it with Roadies … don’t really remember which one but maybe 3rd or 4th. And also many other reality shows which came on tv during that time.
    I don’t really think that it is wise to challenge its legality …. unless its directed at someone particular or is intended to defame someone. I think it should be legal in all form as a form of spontaneous expression. I mean you cant really ban a shit coming out of someone, figuratively and literally speaking it would be a disaster.
    But what I take issue at celebrating such kind of behaviour by us, the people. Ethically it is not the right thing to do. However we ourselves and not anyone else would be responsible for celebrating abusive language.
    That said, in some cases, abusive language – or an indication thereof can be a form of artistic expression also … e.g. teri maa ki aankh from aamir’s rang de basanti.

    1. What I actually want to say is that its a grey area and it should not be banned or monitored as such an act can be used to curb artistic expression also. It should however be openly criticised when not in good taste.

  2. There is no comparison of Delhi Belhi and this vulgar show, Delhi Belly was showing films characters while here real celebrities were using vulgar language and gestures. Celebrities should have some responsibilities towards society.

    If it was Shahrukh Khan these same people would start demonizing him in minutes like they did when they saw him smoking or fighting on WanKhede. Celebrities should understand their responsibilities.

  3. Am I the only one who finds the sentence formations in this article weird? I am not able to figure out what the author is trying to say here. The sentences are so convoluted with such poor grammar. Do you even use commas?

  4. Aamir Khan who abused actors, betrayed wife, have a child outside marriage, destroyed life of own brother , steals credit of other works and then saying AIB was Shameful, HAHA! what a double standard, double faced person he is… he is actually more shamful than AIB and any thing else because of ovious reasons.. though GOOD article, thumbs up..

  5. AIB produces this filthy show– and poor Aamir Khan gets lynched by Internet mobs including media sites, sundry bloggers, Twitter chatterers and time wasters– the whole social media brigade that loves to hit hard on the nearest available soft target. So Aamir was part of PK, Saale, let’s roast him now. He made that sleazy Delhi Belly too on the persuasion of wife Kiran ( who apparently liked AIB Roast and no wonder ). Give the man a break. He watched bits of the show, did not like it; was asked, said so. What’s the big deal — all these open letters and sundry bloggers? His PK film had him nude, but that was a bloody film with a story that needed him nude. You are not forced to take your 4 yr old kid to PK and explain an innocent Tharki Chokro song. DB was for adults. AIB was there on the net everywhere, watched by kids. Stop demonising Aamir. Many other Bollywalas have hated the show. And many ordinary Indians hated it too.

    1. tharki choko was being played the whole day on every music channel which is harder to monitor since you dont know which song could be played next

      also, i doubt a 4 yr old kid can go online and specifically search for something he has heard or read somewhere. it seems highly improbable. even if they do find it then there are other things they can find out too and i think that should be of a bigger concern

    2. Lali S –

      Aamir Khan’s PK – He posed nude. Coz bloody the script demanded that. Delly Belly demanded words like “Bhoo**** Ke and Ch****** , but how dare AIB use it? This is the same hypocrisy that Vidyut Kale and I am talking about.

      Tharki Chorkro – an innocent song? Well, next time someone calls you or your father tharki, I am certain “How sweet and innocent” will be your retort. This is the same hypocrisy that Vidyut Kale and I am talking about.

      I guess you have not discovered online websites that make all movies available to kids online too – be it AIB or Delly Belly. Which century do you belong to again? Must be ancient

    3. @Lali,

      Is PK and adult movie? Remember the Dancing Car? made whole movie an embarrassing to watch with kids and parents. And that Dancing car scene came many many times in the movei that it became ridiculously filthy movie. Never ever saw a dancing car in my own life .. neither India nor Ameria nor Europe.. and idiot Amir was finding that on every nook and corner?

      He had created a Delhi Belly which is also available on you tube.. and its similarly filthy movie.. atleast with AIB it was screaming from start that its having adult content and can be insulting.

      Vidyut has done balanced job.. I not necessarily liked 100% of AIB knockout.. may be 20-30% however I knew what I was going into before hand.

    4. Kids were not “forced” to go on YouTube and watch the AIB event either. There were ample warnings and signs. It didn’t start magically playing in front of you, you had to search for it and then play go watch the video. Plus, AIB’s is just one video out of millions of such videos on the internet that people have taken offense to. You think if the kid is smart enough to go onto the net and watch a show like AIB’s, he/she wouldn’t be smart enough to go watch the million other videos out there? The argument about impressionable minds watching a video like AIB’s doesn’t hold any water when you have mainstream commercial Bollywood movies like Gangs of Wasseypur that are throwing all kinds of cuss words at the audience.

  6. Mr Vidyut

    You are obviously defending like an AIB roast spokesperson would 🙂 Amir khan was asked his view, to which he gave an honest response.

      1. Aamir has earned more respect from me and my family on his stand and expressing his opinion well. He is a true Gentleman. No wonder his work of art is a class apart and people drawing inferences to his work need to understand the depth of the content and thought process that goes behind in producing something of that stature. Hats off to you Aamir sir.

        Whatever respect I had for Karan, Arjun, Ranveer, Deepika, Sonakshi and Alia is all lost now. Definitely I did not like this side of their character and would surely ask my family, friends and relatives and everyone on the street to keep away from such filth in any form – further movies, ads and promotions, TV Shows, etc.. They are just not my cup of tea and would like to keep away from this entire “T” party.


    1. Ney Sharma – no one asked Vidyut to give her opinion. I guess this is her blog and in the name of freedom of speech, advocated by your fav star Aamir Khan, she is also giving her opinion. You are not indebted to agree to it.

  7. The author criticising the fact that FIRs were filed isn’t something I agree with. If somebody commits a crime and then conveniently apologises, should he be allowed to go scot free? Don’t you think that if AIB has done something illegal, they should be punished (through lawful means) for it?

    1. If AIB has committed a crime by using abusive language publically – all of you commenting here should be put behind the bars too – as these words are daily conversations of people in India. Put Honey Singh behind bars for filthy songs, put Salman Khaan behind bars for rubbish movies, put Saif Ali Khan behind bars – put the entire film fraternity behind bars. One person’s wrong cant be someone else’s right afterall?

  8. Thanks Vidyut.
    Just too damn happy that the cat is finally out of that bag .. pissing all over suffocating, self-righteous, humorless class monitors. Roast or no roast, this cat is definitely gonna have more than 9 lives.

  9. How could Mr Idiots Aamir can say this now?? Do you all remember Mr Idiots Amir got naked in front of millions of audience and keep abusing other religion’s Hindu God through his last release film PK?? But that time Aamir and his fellow friends (Sharul, Salman) all denied to take any blame on grounds of freedom of speech. Even Indian Supreme court dismissal all FIR lodge against Aamir, just on grounds of freedom of speech. So how this Idiot man (Aamir) can say he is against of the show and highly condemn the violent funny scene, when Karan & Arjun has full rights to show jokes any style they feel justifiable on ground of freedom of speech. When Indian court did not convict culprit Aamir or ban PK which was absolutely Hindu god abusing movie despite all India protest against it, how could Aamir think that AIB Roast show can be banned or show makers may face legal punishment only on grounds of may be doing some abusing jokes or fun?? Its clearly prove now there is no concept of freedom of speech, its just if something is said against someone he starts fighting or feel inappropriate. Aamir when your controversial TV show where you mention illegal activity Gay is alright, is not banned by Indian court or you did not face jail terms, don’t expect Indian court to punish Karan & Arjun less famous stars on grounds of making simple funny jokes. I hope everyone will realize now how culprit person Mr Idiot Aamir is and stop watching his movies who does not believe in freedom of speech but also never stop abusing other people religion and promotes illegal Gay activity. No doubt now Aamir is The Great circus culprit Idiot.!! From My opinion if people like the AIB Roast Show then The Show Must Go On!!

  10. Why so defensive about AIB? Do they really stand for free expression? Then why did they edit out certain content to please certain bigtime Bollywood celebrities before they uploaded it who were infuriated by the jokes made about their famiies? But it was OK to take digs at other minor celebs without their consent, thereby indulging in defamation. And then they are so quick to take their videos down without any court order or direction! This all clearly shows they have no backbone and were spineless to begin with. And then everybody jumps on the “freedom of expression” bandwagon. And the writer is criticizing Aamir Khan for hypocrisy. Seems like the roasters and their cohorts can’t really stand the scrutiny of being roasted! Wowee. Whatta world we do live in!

      1. Completely concur with Vidyut here. The point that she is making is not pro AIB or anti Aamir Khan. It’s clearly about the double standards.If Aamir Khan is so responsible, then he should have been the first one to object to abusive language in his movies? What you do to make a 100 crore film is right but what a bunch of stand up comedians do for charity is wrong?

      2. Actually. Your article is insinuating that he should not have expressed his opinion in this manner because he is a powerful person. In effect you are trying to curtail his own freedom of expression because you disagree with it or didn’t like it and you think his voice is louder – which is hypocritical in itself if you a purporting to defend freedom of expression! And how can a creator not be responsible or answerable for their work, particularly when the content is deliberately controversial or provocative? Responsibility or ownership only applies to accolades does it? But not the brickbats??? A creator is not responsible for the consequences of his or her work, but Aamir Khan is responsible for the consequences of vehemently voicing his objection to it?! I think you need to get off your moral high-horse!

      3. Yeah.. thats how Salman Rushdie got in trouble.. Creator should be responsible not to hurt sentiments of people.
        People are very sensitive to many things..

        In India Rapist start looking at girls as ready for adventure as soon as skirt is bit short or neck bit deep or they themselves got somehow “accidently” in angle to see something..

        In Arab only a leg finger is enough to entice a rapist.

        In India you can have funny Ramleela.. but if audience goes a bit bigger then riots can happen.

        People have killed innocents Sikhs for Indira Ganshi murder and Innocent Hindus in Godhra for something and Innocent Muslims later on..

        You can offend by wearing a cap differently.. or your own hair cut can be offending too.

    1. A Satirist – Well, Mr. Khan did not take my permission before making songs like “jaa chudail jaa” — Isn’t that offensive to a woman? Or he did not even take my permission before the Chatur speech on rape in 3 idiots – Does that not make a mockery of rape and is anti women dignity? It’s so convenient to pick on anything that’s not getting you money. Perhaps he is offended that we wasn’t invited to the roast!

      1. Well according to this writer’s logic, Aamir Khan should bear no responsibility for the examples you raise, although you should exercise caution and responsibility when criticizing his work and expressing your objection! So its freedom of expression for some, but not for others (including you!).

        1. Satirist – No one is criticizing Aamir Khan’s freedom of speech here. All the writer is saying is that his stance is hypocritical and shows him poor light coz it sounds like a double standard – that’s all. In no way, she is saying that AIB is a great show and everyone must watch.

          1. More than that, I am saying criticize AIB all you want, but don’t create blanket rules for all creators to not hurt sentiments. Particularly since he himself sees himself as not hurting sentiments when facts show opposite.

          2. Exactly what blanket rules was he advocating in his comments? I didn’t see him asking for laws to be imposed or enforced against AIB or ask for censorship of YouTube. Practically anybody and everybody is a hypocrite when it comes to the ridiculous roast because AIB never really stood for a principle to begin with! Even in their responses to the FIR’s they’re not advocating freedom of speech – but rather that it was a private show! Oh the irony of it all!

      2. Amir is caught here too.

        This blog is actually a way to show mirror to Amir Khan.

        Amir.. Look within.. and then start screaming at whatever you see..:))

  11. First of comparison bw two different things is absurd. If you rake an example of delhi belly, it wasnt aimed at insulting seniors actors specially females like aib roast . Roast was made at the cost of making sexual vulgar jokes on likes of rima lagoo,farida etc without their consent. How do you fond it funny? Delhi belly didnt target any particular person to make fun of with vulgarity..i wonder that ppl can draw no difference bw delhibelly n roast as well as pk n roast.
    What absurd is that ppl are making swearing a new cool…i think ppl shud behave their age. As amir said it right that no grown up or sensible person would find it funny…yeah kids may enjoy it.

    1. “Shake that biscuit baby, Shake it for me” – ” Sir loondry” – “Hum to beech me atke chamanchutie h arre paise to rakh le” – ” “b***c*** apni baap ki barat mein aaye ho kya.” —- Don’t get me wrong here. These are some dialogues from Delly Belly. I rest my case.

    2. And yes, you are rght Jason. AIB is indeed for young kids – not senior citizens who have nothing to do but get offended on some silly comedy.

    1. I don’t normally sit waiting for a comment to come through so I can approve it. usually takes a while. Alas, after instances of people putting other people’s private information and some crude language, I have to moderate posts. Almost everything comes through unless you’re violating someone else’s right. Criticism of me comes through routinely. I can’t run a blog like this by taking offense.

  12. Spot on! I take offence to katrina gyrating like a stripper in Dhoom 3. Did I have a choice to watch the entire movie or turn it off. YES. Was I forced to watch it NO. Aamir has immensely disappointed me with these narrow views especially since he has been on the other side defending himself. When are we going to let ourselves take on a little humour without bloody getting offended all the time. There is no end to this bull honestly.

  13. I saw the AIB roast, first the disclaimer and then started the funny profanity session. They made fun of each other’s color, skin, size, career etc etc, it was hilarious but involving name of individual who are not at all in the picture was totally not acceptable.
    Making fun of some celebrities who are in the news for their silly comments and behavior
    Nobody have any objection on the profanities used in the show, there are many uncensored videos in youtube of actors seriously abusing others.
    But I did not like the joke on Farida Jalal which was used to roast Ranveer Singh, what her family would have felt, that was totally uncalled for.

    1. Well I also didn’t like Sanjay Dutt and Aamir Khaan singing Tharki chokro – what my son would have thought? What my mom must have thought? I didn’ t like Bhaag Baag DK Bose – what my father in law must have thought? All of us will like or not like something. That’s okay. Why the fuss about AIB then?

  14. some of it was funny, some in bad taste. Its the bad taste hes referring to. the AIB was good, lovely. It pushed the envelope clearly. But for whom ? herein lies a clue. For the nation and at so many levels. Clearly it influences a lot of things seen unseen.
    When you do something on a public canvass it implicitly legitimizes things. It reaches far and deep. can scare you back.

    – “dil dukhana” – the difference between ricky gervais at golden globes and louis c.k your act has to touch a few bases. one important base is sensitivity or respect. you have to dip ur act in that bowl before its served.
    Aamir’s act in the movies touched that base before dished out. YET the backlash you mean. this is where the governance comes in . Supreme court (arbiter of the intention of your work) ruled in favour. great . what’s still missing is the manforce to safeguard this decision.

    IF the system had integrity. the machinery would be robust and and murugan and dalvi and everyone would be a happier lot.
    But in truth we are transitioning and these issues are being thrashed out. thank goodness for aamir to have spoken — else this would be postponed till later.

    Kapil sharma is not spoken to because he wouldnt know good taste though his shows are more regressive and deep reaching.
    So often it all starts from the weaker sections (like AIB) hope this fire travels a little.

  15. Pk and AIB roast are completely different.You attacking PK is immature considering you being in movies. Movies are make believe motion pictures and warnings are associated with them and you have to pay before watching them hence limited audience,with you tube videos it is opposite, you do not know what you are getting into beforehand and the content is available for free hence have a wider exposure.
    The roast is reality recorded on camera, all of it happened in real time involving real people in real scenario and real reactions, while movies are pretend. You comparing movies with roast is just like saying that “why cannot i beat someone up in reality , record it and share while violence is shown in movies all the time.”
    Amir asking people to be responsible in what they create is not hypocritical as he himself is very cautious with what he creates and shares as he knows that he has a following and power to influence people and it is his responsibility what is creates,biggest example of it is Satyamev Jayate, he has this huge fan following where he could have made bulls**t movies and earn money but he has chosen to do projects which create awareness.What was shown in PK, was not a mockery but revelation of truth in different way, and it was enacted motion picture, you can perceive it in any way, while the roast was a reality captured , there was no creative expression,a cheap expression of selves though.

  16. I am also with freedom of speech, but you must understand that there should be a limit. The Freedom of speech this AIB roast demands was meant for Jungle Raaz, where you are free to do whatever you want to do. As far as PK is concerned that is about wisdom. Are you wise enough for being a human or follow a religious sentiment. PK wants you to be human. But the AIB roast is just abusive, vulgar and sick minded people who were just there just to prove that we can do this also. So what, no one is stopping you. But you should not try to do that in public. We live in a civilized world, there are some limitations, and restrictions imposed upon everyone so that we can live in peace and harmony. We all should respect that.

    1. Dear Rajendra, just to remind you – Delly Belly had nothing to do with wisdom. But it still used classiest abusive language throughout. And what does it mean by saying AIB should not be public? They didn’t go to everyone’s house urging them to watch it. It wasn’t on national TV? It wasn’t even released in theatres? Like Delly Belly and even the righteous wise PK with the song “Tharki Chokro aayo re”. I had nothing to explain when my 4 year old asked me what it meant. AIB is not aired on TV ll the time unlike songs like bhaag bhaag DK bose or Tharki chokro. All I am saying is that this argument was acceptable had it been from Suraj Barjatiya – not from Aamir Khan. That’s just hypocritical!

      1. I am not advocating Aamir Khan, I must not. What he says/does is his responsibility. But I was replying point by point to to the above article by Vidyut. If one supports such thing then why should not we go to Jungle and enjoy the complete freedom. No need to live in civilized world.

        I am afraid that if people keep supporting such senseless expression of speech then there will be no difference in us and animals, who enjoy the freedom everywhere. So be human, not animal.

        1. Rajendra –

          ABC watches AIB roast on YouTube as everyone’s talking about it . “Oh, damn! I am so offended with what they made fun of yaar! I mean yeh sab gaali waali theek hai but yeh Fareeda Jalaal waala thoda zyaada ho gaya yaar. Itna dirty tha. Family ke saath to dekh hi nahin sakte. Kaise logo ne 4000/- diya iss shit ke liye. Hawww.. I am so embarrassed!” Outrage! ABC goes to drive and someone blocks his car parking . He retorts saying ” abe saala ch*****!”

          Well,who decides what is civilized and what’s wild like a jungle ? Neither you nor me.

          1. To abuse a person blocking your parking is right. Because he is ch***a to park a car in someone else place. That is what i am trying to say. But if you just start abusing someone for fun, then i do not know what is going to happen. The freedom is not about doing anything you want to do. It is to behaave freely under the acceptable limits. And these so called limits are developed during a period of time by our forefathers. Before that we all had complete freedom of expression. But our forefathers agreed upon some restriction on our behavior and public interction during the development of civilization, for a reason. We should all respect that and try to improve on that not demolish it.

        2. Rajendra,

          You didn’t respond to Mansi’s points.

          BTW since this was paid event with enough disclaimer even on video too, I think it gives you enough chance to avoid seeing it and enough time to be private to enjoy it. Enjoy with like minded people..! if you don;t like a single thing stop watching.

          1. Well said Viki!

            Mr Rajendra, and who decided the acceptable tolerance level of right and wrong ? Manmohan Singh, Rahul baba, Baba Ramdev, Nirmal Baba or you?

            I am sure the ” forefathers” you are referring to also preached not making filthy songs and movies? Err. wait, maybe the forefathers enjoy those movies in private, but the moment a bunch of stand up comedians in a private paid gathering start abusing each other and it comes on internet, forefathers get irate and offended.

            Right. Okay.

  17. Firstly comparing what was defended in P.k with AIB us ludicrous. While the former spoke about a very ancient deep truth of life (God) whose essence we idiots have contorted into various religions and fought several wars on is completely unnecessary, the latter was disgraceful in that human psychology is such that it takes these so called jokes as an offence and manifests later into violent vengeance. That I believe should be carefully done. Secondly Aamir warned about Delly Belly content. If people find it obscene. DON’T WATCH IT. It wasn’t personal irresponsible roasting. It was his opinion and this is mine. You can still have your own.

    1. Dear Anonymous. Likewise, Karan Johar also “warned” about the content. Don’t like it. Dont watch! As simple as that. My right can your wrong. That doesn’t justify anything! Read this post again – “If the responsibility of not offending falls on the creator of the content, then perhaps you are not as ideal as you seemed to imply with the Delhi Belly example and perhaps should have added content warnings of another sort “Caution: Religion discussed here” etc and people objecting should have requested you with folded hands, etc. You know first hand what happens when angry people don’t like content. Do you see the anger as your fault?”

      Just like Aamir Khan is “deeply affected” by AIB, someone else might have been “deeply affected by his nudity on PK’s poster? Or someone might have been deeply affected by Delly Belly’s abusive language? How can it be justfied – that when a star like him uses it to his benefit, its class cinema, but if a bunch of stand up comedians use it, its vulgar and violent? That’s just extremely narrow minded! If he is so affected by all such things which shouldn’t be shown to children, then he should first begin by endorsing or acting in idiotic films like these. Sorry Mr Khan, I was *deeply affected* by Dhoom 1,2,3 .You’re not 14 year old so please don’t disappoint me with such retarded films!

  18. The two things are two very different things. I suggest you first watch the movie PK and then judge for yourself, okay? And yes, this is not the USA. We live in India, if you don’t remember. Ask any responsible citizen, and they’ll denounce such a show. But the condition is, just like Aamir said, those citizens should not be ‘kids’. Such vulgarity seems cool upto and age, as Aamir said.

    1. And then who decides at what age its acceptable to show which level of vulgarity? – Aamir Khan?? hahaha. See, that’s my point. Are you trying to says its acceptable to show vulgarity in USA and not in India? Why? Because although we talk about liberalism and being broad minded and culture freaks here, but behind the rooms – out on the streets – we rape our own women. Let’s not even get to the “responsible citizenship ” of India for this is the land where if someone gets hurt on the road, people stop by only to take selfies. So let’s not get into this debate at all. I feel we are Indian and we are hypocrites. We say classiest gaalis during road rage or when w generally talk to friends – but when its aired on YouTube, hawww? Its a sin?! How could they. We dance on Baby doll and aaj karunga tujhse gandi baat and paaji tussi such a pussy cat and Bhaag Bhaag DK bose and Tharki shokro aayo re aired on TV all day long for children to hear, but the moment a show comes with a disclaimer and cautionary warning, it becomes a national sin. Good for AIB though as its hypocrites like you and Aamir Khan who have made yet another stand up comedy show so popular. No matter what anyone holds against it, everyone will watch it now – just to have an opinion. Good PR I’d say.

  19. Brilliantly written letter. As bad as i feel that AIB had to apologize, i understand their maturity in doing so. Sincere respect and salute to Rohan, Abish, Khamba, Aditi, Ashish and Tanmay… This was not an easy pill to swallow…
    Meanwhile, i dont think Anybody else has a right to say anything on it now.. The chapter needs to be closed as soon as possible, cause we miss our guys and we want them back on social media, and we want them stronger!

  20. Hi Vidyut,

    Bottom line – celebrities in India are treated as larger than life. The reality is that they do not hold any moral or social compass for people.

    Aamir should be respected for his ability to act but nothing more.


    1. Aamir expressed his views about the show and which he didnt like, that is his opinion.. why aamir should tell someone to dont show this video to world which he is not involved in any manner, he has no rights to insist someone.. i think now you people are threatening for his freedom of speech… i have seen the aib roast i liked some part some parts not and i am completely ok with it cause no one insisted me to see that video.. but my question is that is not fiction characters they all are real characters and our children follow them and they definitely watch the show and use those words cause they find using those words are cool things… but if they make movie with fiction characters and tell the world it is only for adults… then it is different thing…..

      1. Again! Hypocrital parent as ever – Want to hide a stand up comedy with cuss words for your children but can allow them to watch filthy movies? What you are saying is an ostrich act – Bury your face in the mud, thinking nothing’s happening in the outer world! Your children follow Khamba, Tanmay and others? How old are they? If they are above 18, you have no business to tell them what they can and they cannot watch. If they are under 18, you should probably ban your internet connection. But wait ! These movies can easily be seen in theatres and after a few months even on TV!

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