Only the sound of the broken bond does not exist anywhere


(Only the sound of the broken bond does not exist anywhere)

The bond of three score and two years of a loving
Relationship and fifty six years of marriage
Vanished as though to provide evidence of
How frail the human life with its aspirations and love is.

No trace of the sound of the bond breaking
Exists anywhere out there but it
Resounds time and time again within me –
At times as I miss her fruity laughter
At other times her musical note like voice
Or even the mild breathing that gently touched me
Early in the mornings when I
Turned towards her and regaled in the sight of
The serene beauty in tranquil repose
With light golden hair fringed with silver
Cascading on either side of her face
Waiting for me to whisper the wish of a good morning and plant a kiss
For her to slowly open her eyes and shower me with the bounty
Of her smile and open her arms for me to
Gather the essence of beauty in my embrace –
A routine that was also not a routine
Since the here now experience every time
Was a one off romantic episode to cherish for ever.

And then Death intervened
Harshly making mockery of all our love
And snatching her away to its land which is
Both far and very near
Leaving us to mourn and hold her image
Lovingly in our mind.

She loved flowers and music.
As though in response yesterday morning
The Bombay Scottish School on its grounds
Across the boundary wall
Organised the singing of psalms
And the white orchid blooms in the vase
Lost their lustre as they began to mourn
Her absence forever.

A poem by my friend and inspiration, Gouranga Chattopadhyay in memory of his wife.
I deliberated for a long time whether to share this. I felt unworthy of understanding enough to make a decision on something so glorious and desirable and at the same time intimate. In the end, what decided me is the vision of a love I saw. One moment of which would enrich lifetimes. I still don’t know if I am worthy of hosting this, but I think this is something precious that adds to our world.

With love.

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1 thought on “Only the sound of the broken bond does not exist anywhere”

  1. Its beautiful. My heart-felt thanks for hosting it. I hope more people would read it and realise how bonds need be cherished. (am crying loads, at this hour.)

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