New Year Resolutions for 2014

Here are my intentions for the coming year. Putting them on record to check back later.

New Year resolution for women’s empowerment.

Get more and more women to subvert patriarchy instead of wasting time arguing with it. Self-explanatory. Women’s rights are not the property of men that we must convince men to confer on women. The problem with patriarchy is that it limits women. Preventing patriarchal limitations from being effective will bring immediate relief to women and also give control freaks the chance to experience that the world did not end.

New Year Resolution for India’s politics.

Try to become the first individual to recruit a party. Get AAP to adopt Pirate Party core goals. I think Aam Aadmi Party and Pirate Parties are fundamentally similar, though their core areas of interest are different. The very well argued goals of the Pirate Party are an important condition for the next freedom struggle of India – which in my view will be one for the mind. Information, speech, acceptance of right to knowledge, privacy and more will be the foundation for an India where everyone thrives.

New Year resolution for kid’s future.

Get some of my political brain working on problems of homeschoolers in India. Homeschoolers are like homosexuals in India. No one is persecuting them, but law allows for it if some idiot gets the whim. “Technically” illegal. I will be spending time and effort helping both get legitimacy, but more so for homeschooling, since few others are working at it at all. Recognition for homeschooling as a valid and highly individualized and thus superior choice for learning by interested parents investing wisely in their children’s future, as opposed to “depriving a child” of [hopelessly substandard for learning] schools.

My new year resolution for 2014.

Year of my personal freedom struggle. In this home, on my own. However. Mission: joy, freedom, potential. There is still a lot of conflict in me about whether to move out, considering that my husband is perhaps the only person other than me who is able to communicate well with our son. Regardless, the achievement for this year will be to find happiness and freedom for myself. If it is possible living here, so be it. If I must move, so be it. Working hard to create an income that will sustain me  even if I have to move out. The achievement this year MUST be the freedom to choose solely from human considerations, and not financial.

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  1. Wish you all the very best, Vidyut. I totally agree with all the goals you’ve set for yourself – and will be happy to help in any way, if I could – and if you’d like me to.

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