Need help – big time

This is what it all comes down to. I am planning to move out with my son, Nisarga. We currently live hand to mouth and with added expense of rent for home, things will get tighter. Will mostly be living on charity. Need ideas for great places to bring a kid up in that are dead cheap. City not needed, internet connectivity must.

Also I need financial help. More than large sums of money, I need as many of you as possible to commit to a sustainable sum of money every month that I can count on. This will help me move as well as manage expenses till I can figure life out. I am going to need at least 15 thousand a month to survive.

Given that Nisarga is not able to speak yet, and I am committed to not leaving him alone with strangers till he can at least answer to how his day was, it is going to be an extended period of financial insecurity, which has always prevented me from walking out so far, but you have to start to get somewhere and I have been staring at the starting line for too long.

We are also open to the idea of bumming around and travelling to live with friends in different places. Not yet decided how that will go, but I am hoping that from a stressed living without choice, we can step into a grand adventure rather than merely aiming to survive.

No idea what goes how, but if there was ever a moment to support, this is it. Comment with your real email if you want any information. If you wish your comment to not be published, mention that in the comment itself and it will serve as a message to me and not get published.

Thank you all for being you. Can’t imagine anyone else I’d rather be alone with.

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