My Vote , My Power which my leaders Wasted ~ @AnkitJain260

Ankit Jain, a reader has submitted this post. It struck me with its simplicity and yet profound reality of the jaded man on the street, where choices are less about which party is best, and more about “what hope is left?” or “try something else”.


It was Vajpayee ji , Whom I voted with full Confidence that Yes , if he would come to power at least the rampant Corruption in our Society would get Decreased a lot , We would have a safer Environment, I never Needed a Ram Mandir , They made me Think that its very necessary for me to get a Ram Mandir , took my vote for it. And never build it . What I recieved in End was Data and Graphs , and when I took those data and graphs and came on the streets I realized , That it was the same nation which was left 6 years before.

My Mother and Sisters were as insecure as Before.

The Zhuggis next to my colony remained Zhuggis.

My kaamwali remained a kaamwali and still struggled to get their children a better education.

Law as always never took its own course and it was discriminated between the Rich and the poor , the powerfull and the powerless the same way as before.

Rich became more rich , poor struggled for their dignity the same way.

As the term came to an End , the Vajpayee ji started dreaming of New plans.

So they forced me to vote for Congress , I voted for Congress and forgot that we can ever change this country ,I thought that Now we should focus on what best can be done by accepting Corruption and Lawlessness in our lives and voted for Congress again despite their failure in Maximum areas.

Now I wont vote for Congress , I wont vote for BJP , I would vote for a new party which in my belief has the best capability to fight for my rights , which would speak whats in my heart and would hear to me , would fight for me and all this without Asking me for favours . It will never matter for me , which party will Win , my vote wont be for the winning party , My vote would be for the best party and i hope the best one wins , But even if it doesn’t , I wont be regretting coz in life every Truth is not necessarily Supported by Majority, but a Truth supported by a Minority is the bad luck of Majority.

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