My Husband’s say

My husband thinks that I am defaming him, and wants the other side known. Fair enough. I have typed this out as dictated by him (translated from Marathi).

  1. I don’t want to say anything. I don’t want to say anything from inside the home in public. I can speak with my close friends, but it is wrong to bring it up on social networks. Whether the problem is mine or yours.
  2. Bringing it up in front of the world means you are only going to say your side, and the world will only sympathize with you. It happens like that only, whether you intend it or not. If I do it tomorrow, I will do that only. That is human tendency. How many of them personally know you? But they will vote for you. “How much tormenting is happening, poor girl”. The nature of person at such a stage is 100% like that. The grass is greener on the other side, only I am in a bad condition.
  3. I watch Satyamev Jayate with interest. I saw the episode on Domestic Violence. I have the same views as Aamir Khan, and I am personally angry that this is happening in my home.
  4. My story is a rare case. I am a victim of domestic violence by my wife. I cannot prove this, and I am in this sorrow, so I am bearing this silently.
  5. My innocence has been misused from day 1 of the marriage. From the start, some things were clear that they would not be allowed in my home. Before the wedding, and after, there have been many parties in my home, but when only my parents are not there. And the home was clear of all evidences before they came. This doesn’t happen now. And I have stopped doing it too after all these years.
  6. I told my wife that if she wants to smoke, and she is quitting soon, then she can smoke in the home, but she continues till today.
  7. It is not my nature to talk about these things in front of the village. What will these people do? Will they patch up? My wife don’t want to patch up.

I asked him if he wants to comment specifically on me talking about his alcoholism, since that is the most of what I talked about. He doesn’t want to talk about it in front of the world like the rest of the issues from inside the home.

Anyone who wants to comment on this can speak with him on 9869433342, as he is not internet savvy and will not be able to monitor or reply to comments to this post.

Note: These views are not mine. These are a result of my husband feeling that the internet is being used to create an opinion against him, and he wants the other side of what I speak on domestic violence or alcoholism known. He sees himself as someone who has been wronged by me. I see this as any other reply to my posts, and am publishing it.

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