Media non-confrontation of authorities in the face of 11 rapes in a month

Rape is a serious violation of the rights and dignity of a woman
A country that does not take rapes seriously is a part of the problems facing a huge chunk of the world

This month, Haryana has seen 11 rapes. Yet, a glance through headlines has no mention of any government authority making any kind of statement over it. Atrocities against dalits are on the rise in Haryana. Many of the rape victims are dalits. In some cases, there are gang rapes of dalits leading to at least two suicide attempts.

In the face of this, a media which can report the score does not see the need to confront police officials, Chief Minister, Home minister, Union ministers, Women’s Commissions or anyone in a position of authority to address this. What des this say about our media? More importantly, is this because media aren’t interested in dalits?

Shame, media, you earn your place on the wall of shame.

Where is the government when people suffer? Where is the media when the anguish of the people needs answers?
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