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The latest contribution from our brave and insightful Gity Yousafi. This post is a part of the Afghan Life series, which is a series of emails and articles written by friends in Afghanistan.

Marriage is a relation between a man and woman that causes to make a society and society make culture and so on. There are lots of problems that a marriage can be face in fail and make bad fortune for the society.Afghan woman with burns on neck looks at herself in broken mirror

  1. Lack of satisfaction:
    Without the satisfaction of a girl and boy the families decide about the married. They find a couple for them and said you have to marry, this actions causes serious problems like: self-immolation and escape.
  2. Asking lots of money from boy family:
    Other problem is the wants of the bride families from groom families, the girl families wants lots of money instate of giving their daughter, it is not important for them that the groom has that money or not, they just want money, in fact it happen in poor families and illiterate families, the groom should work a lot to make that money he has to work on neighbors countries like Iran to make money some of them killed or become addicted, however if they return with money but they never be happy and have a good life they always fight with their wives. From other side the family of girl spends the money and don’t thinks about their girl.
  3. Unsuitable cultures:
    There are some unsuitable cultures in our society, like: today most of the families want that their daughters or their sons must have a great wedding and other parties, they don’t think about the coast of it, they said we should have such wedding even the girl or boy don’t want but they must follow the wants of their families, this case lots of problems for making money they should do some unsuitable work like to receive a bribe or take bribe, and maybe do other works , because gathering such money is very difficult and some times it cause to death.
  4. Lack of knowledge:
    Knowledge is very important and has a serious rule in our life without knowledge we are like blinded persons, in fact all these problems are from lack of the knowledge , it is very important to learn, and try to make our society.
  5. Families violence:
    Families’ violence is other big and serious problem in our society; in most of the families the men don’t let their wives to work to do something that they want and always try to control them these cause problems in their marriage. Also we have woman violence against women, the lack of knowledge between women causes lots of problem between them the mother in law and sister in law always try to control their bride and give order to her, some girls they do and said nothing but some of when they resist they face to problems and even they killed or they suicide. These happen more in villages.

Gity (Yosufi) from Herat Afghanistan

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