Join CAG to work with professional support group of Modi’s election campaign?

modi advertisement somnath bharti slanderNarendra Modi's ad targeted to slot next to show slandering Somnath Bharti. Verified from anonymized IPs - not my cookie.

Not that I’m saying Headlines Today has a political agenda or anything, just that in the show where they happened to discover this shocking skeleton in Somnath Bharti’s closet so skillfully, that no one actually knew the law he broke, there seems to be a permanent slot sold to an advertisement that tells people to “join CAG” to support Modi’s election campaign.

modi advertisement somnath bharti slander

Narendra Modi’s ad targeted to slot next to show slandering Somnath Bharti. Verified from anonymized IPs – not my cookie.

I have checked this through several proxies and browsers. The ad isn’t targeted to my browsing.

Making a wild guess here that Modi’s publicity team doesn’t actually monitor every single url on the site, so someone handling Headlines Today advertising clearly had to mark that slot targetable and bring it to the attention of someone who will pay to show an ad there. You tell me, paid media or unpaid media?

cag support modi

Join CAG to work with the Profesional Support Group of Mr. Narendra Modi’s 2014 Election Campaign

I have no idea whether using names like CAG or CBI or etc in this manner is legal or not. Clearly this ad isn’t speaking about the real CAG, since CAG is the last thing Narendra Modi wants around his election campaigns 😀 Even it is legal, clearly it is unethical. Oh shit. I’m copying lines from a crappy Rahul Kanwal show.

Obviously, it will be some propaganda site, but an ad that pretty much implies CAG works for Modi till you click on it and it turns out to be yet another Modi fan club? Hmmmm….. appropriate for a show claiming to expose scams I guess.

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