Investigating foreign funded NGOs should begin with the RSS

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh drill at Nagpur

The IB report is a telling one. Apparently we are to believe that it is only the NGOs that oppose large projects that will disenfranchise Indians, damage environment and hinder massive corporate profits that are the real evil with India. Clearly an open call for the separation of citizen well being and state.

It is telling that the IB was unable to see the biggest foreign funded NGO in India with massive and documented meddling in Indian politics. The RSS.

Perhaps I will make a post later tracing money trails – which frankly is a headache with the RSS propensity to have a new organization for everything it does. Or perhaps that is exactly why there are so many “affiliated” and “unaffiliated” organizations leading to the same goal.

However, openly known facts are enough to call for investigation.

RSS has official branches abroad established for the purpose of funnelling funds or “relief work”. The legitimacy of the relief work is irrelevant at this point. Let us call it legitimate. This obviously makes the various sister organizations of RSS “foreign funded”. They solicit donations for relief work after crisis, and more. They also solicit corporate donations. Foreign funded? Check.

The sums of money involved run into the millions and with the reach and size of RSS it is easily the largest NGO in India, therefore deserving of greater scrutiny.

Additionally, RSS officially supported the campaign of a political party, mobilizing millions of cadre, starting thousands of new offices before the BJP Lok Sabha Campaign. It is preparing to fill organizational leadership roles vacated by elected BJP leaders with pracharaks. All this is publicly known and documented.

Thus, the RSS role in the ruling party coming to power cannot be ignored, particularly when over 70% of Modi’s cabinet has RSS links.

So the question is where this money comes from and the manner in which it is collected and used. Additionally are questions of foreign organizations funding extremist takeover of India. We have seen the US fund extremists in the Arab Spring. It must be asked what “humanitarian donations” were collected of a magnitude that can fund the mobilization of 2.5 million cadre, opening of thousands of offices AND continue relief work (unless the relief work is a total con).

Unfortunately, with the party supported by this “humanitarian NGO” winning the elections, chances for these funding issues being investigated are low. Such an obvious mega money tunnel did not even get mentioned in the IB report, which instead chooses to focus on opposition to nuclear plants or environmental damage, as though protecting India’s environment is an evil foreign scheme.

Psyops are on at full blast explaining to the unthinking Indian how the party that campaigned with unprecedented BLING in the history of India, amounting to the biggest chunk of advertizing revenues of this year, believes that Greenpeace and grassroots activists will be able to drown their voice (that dominates absolutely every public means of communication) of sanity with some foreign whispers.

More importantly, it is crucial that the unthinking Indian believe that tribals will protest development not because their homes are getting submerged, but because someone paid them to protest instead of shutting up and giving up their homes since time immemorial in favor of upliftment like living in pigeonhole concrete colonies and getting (OMG!) bottom rung jobs serving those profiting where their homes stood. Seriously, why would anyone protest losing their home if someone across the world didn’t pay them?

Would you protest your family being evicted out of your home, assigned far less satisfactory accommodation and given job say… as security guard for those who MINT money where your home stood? Nah. You’re patriotic. You’d give up your all so people in another place can smile. Right.

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