Interest free loans for Vidarbha Farmers

The ongoing project to help the Vidarbha farmers has reached its third phase. The third phase will focus on building a fund which will be used to provide interest free loans for the farmers in distress. Together we have raised about 7.8 lakhs and we are short of 2.2 lakhs towards reaching our goal of 10 lakhs. Thank you for all the support

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The first two phases concentrated mostly around

1) Providing immediate relief to the farmer suicide victims: From paying tuition fees to providing medical help to buying seeds, almost 4 lakhs of amount was disbursed towards this.

Vidarbha-Relief1 Vidarbha-Relief2 Vidarbha-Relief3 Vidarbha-Relief4

2) Conducting Samwad Yatra to reach out to farmers in distress:

The second phase of the project which is to conduct the Samvad Yatra taken up by Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samithi, headed by Kishore Tiwari ji. The goal of the samvad yatra is to mass mobilization of distressed farmers and contacting victims of . The yatra was started on April 11th covering more than 32 villages in three talukas of yavatmal. This will culminate on May 1st which is the Maharasthra formation day and will be marked as betrayal day Vishwas-Ghat Divas. Approximately 2 lakh rupees were spent towards this.

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