Inexplicable death of social worker Sneha Singh leaves unanswered questions

photo of sneha singh who died under mysterious circumstances

Sneha Singh was found dead in suspicious circumstances in a hotel in Munger, where she was staying. No one who knows her is willing to accept that she would commit suicide. On the 25th, the SP of Munger too said “We are investigating the incident as rape and murder. Things will only be clear after post-mortem reports”. On the 26th, this changed. Her death was ruled suicide. The SP declared that the post mortem showed that it was suicide.

However people close to her are convinced that she was murdered and list out several details that are inexplicable if she committed suicide.

sneha singh photo suspected <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>rape</strong> and murder victim” src=”” width=”504″ height=”513″ /></a></p><p>The condition of the room (as described by her friends who are agitating for a thorough investigation (Support their <a title=petition):

The room was locked from the inside. The laptop was on the bed and switched on. The TV was on too. Her semi naked body was hanging from the door of a cupboard mounted near the ceiling by her salwar, which was presumably removed (by her or her murderers). Her vagina was bleeding. The cupboard she was hanging from can also be accessed from outside the room.

The police claim that she undressed herself and then committed suicide. Apart from sounding very improbable that a person wanting to do suicide herself planned nothing better than the salwar she was wearing and the door of a cupboard mounted by a few screws, if she was suicidal, one would imagine better planning. If she committed suicide spontaneously, this hardly seems like something that would occur as a spontaneous possibility for self harm or suicide.

It makes no sense to undress for suicide. If it was a matter of getting something suitable to hang from, there were undoubtedly more clothes available considering that this was the room she was staying in. There was no suicide note, or anything in her behaviour that might indicate that she was depressed or inclined to self harm. In fact, descriptions of her invariably speak of unbeatable spirit and a cheerful personality along with a bright prospects. There does not seem to be the slightest doubt in the mind of anyone who knew her that she might have been depressed. She spoke for an hour with a friend before her death. The contents of the call are not known. 5 days before her death she told Kumar Saurav, a close friend that she feared for her life. She told him that someone had been knocking at her door for more than an hour and she wasn’t sleeping well.

photo of sneha singh who died under mysterious circumstances

But this is just about behavior. Several details make it seem impossible that she committed suicide.

There was nothing in the room that would allow her to climb up to reach the cupboard to tie her noose or to stand on to hang herself. The inefficient method of hanging would mean that her body would jerk as she died. Would the handle of a cupboard door bear the weight of a 65kg woman with the jerks as well?

Those close to her believe that she let two or more people she knew or hotel staff into the room who murdered her, or they entered through the cupboard. They believe that it was at least two people who first killed her and then tied her body to the handle before exiting through the cupboard and leaving the door locked from inside.

Her friends want a detailed investigation and have started an online campaign to help draw attention to her case. They want the room examined for forensic clues, particularly on the wall under the cupboard, which may show if people climbed through from there. They want the cupboard and her laptop examined for fingerprints on the chance that her laptop was started after she died or her killers accessed information on it.


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  2. I think in India the conditions are far worst than we think. Corruption is at highest. Other than in Supreme court, CAG we cant have faith. If gujarat is least corrupted than modi should be given a chance.

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