Human Rights Day observed on the streets of Jaipur protesting CAB and NRC

More than a 100 people gathered at the Gandhi Circle in Jaipur and rejected the discriminatory, violative of Article 14, anti Constitutional, challenging the foundation of the Constitution, called the CITIZENS Amendment Bill and NRC. People vowed to oppose both, till CAB would be withdrawn and NRC process dropped.

The participants were clear that this bill was a clear effort to subordinate Muslims and have two types of citizenship, which was not the nation that We the People had given ourselves. The objective of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah was to make india a Hindu Rashtra, which no way would be allowed by the people. Of India. The participants were also reminded that historically fascists have wanted dual citizenship and certification of citizens. Hitler did the same and so did in the period of apartheid SA also did a NRC similar exercise which Gandhi opposed in 1906. The new face of fascism was being led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

People felt that even if the Parliament passes the bill and the SC is seized of the matter the opposition and struggle would continue till it is off the Statute books.

The copies of the Bill were burnt and candles were lit to drive out the darkness shrouding India. People also spoke of Hope that a candle flame brings. The protest had songs, slogans and speeches. Youth out numbered older people in the protest today.

It was planned that the protest should.happen every day in different parts of the city. Two persons took the responsibility.

The next big protest is being proposed for the 19th. Although it was felt a large number of groups should be brought together which would mean several planning meetings before the 19th.

Those present were human rights activists Dr. Renuka Pamecha, Mamta Jaitly, Kavita Srivastava, Jahanara, Jaipur District Secretary CPI-M Sumitra Chopra, NFIW Rajasthan Secretary Nisha Sidhu, independent writer Prof Hasan, Educationists Dr. Rashid Hussain and Komal Srivastava, Film.Maker Ramesh Asher, Trade Unionists Harkesh Bugaliya and Meva Bharti, Hotelier Naeem.Rabbani, Youth leader Ritansh Azad, Rajasthan High Courf lawyer Akhil Chaudhary were among the many who participated.

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