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This article by Gity Yousafi from Herat, Afghanistan is from an ongoing series called Afghan Life, where friends from Afghanistan send in their stories and articles as an effort to understand the Afghanistan beyond the news priorities. NONE of the articles in this series have been written by me (Vidyut).

It is the message for Afghans women that they want to reach in their dreams and wishes.

Dream and wishes are the important aspect in our life and it is an essential phenomenon in human kinds. Because these are, that helps us to life and be hopeful in our life and our future. It gives us power to live, and fight to live.

If we see in our country and our society, we can see all the times and periods. Most of the women with out reaching to their dreams and wishes passed away. Their big ambition was freedom that I can say. If we consider the past and present we see no differences in women life and their rights. They couldn’t get their rights completely, their rights trampled by men all the times. Why? Because we let them that men control our life and live as a slave.

Before we are a woman, sister, mother, wife, we are a human and as human we have rights to be free and in depended.

In my opinion it is our fault that men abuse of their power and do some things that they want. Because we feel weaker than men. Believe me if they have a strong body, we also have strong mind to defeat them, be silence is not the way to get our rights. We must give hand to hand and be united to get our rights. Never men come and says, sorry we had equal rights please get your rights and freedom, they never do, believe me. It is our job to get it, even by force and fight for our rights. But you know lack of knowledge is the big problems that most of the women have. Please, please come together and give hand to hand for literacy campaign, it is the best way to reach to our dreams and wishes. I know that all of you have your own wishes, but have you ever think how to reach it and what should to do? If we be silence we never be success to get our rights and freedom. Please come together and fight for your rights, freedom, future, and wishes. By doing this we never see that a girl suicide or escape and do something else, also it can helps that we never have force marriages, self-immolation, family violence’s.

If you have enough knowledge you can be success in your life and get your rights, and know your rights, in this case men can’t control your life.

Be Success.

By: Gity (Yosufi) Heart Afghanistan

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