Guidelines for the Gurgaon Police

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We believe that the already hideous and deteriorating condition of law and order in the society is ample evidence of the incompetence of the police and we reject their guidelines because they are not useful. It is time to begin from scratch and understand what requirements of people are in terms of law and order.

Toward this end, we have issued guidelines for the police:

  1. The constitution grants citizens rights. They are not selective by gender or time. Anyone who wants to overrule this must go the parliament route. Arbitrary degradation of the rights of citizens will not be tolerated.
  2. The fifth fundamental duty of an Indian citizen includes “to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women”. If a policeman is not willing to uphold this, then the concerned policeman should resign. If they don’t resign and violate it, they must be fired. Failing to do this must be seen as an assault on the well being of the country.
  3. A civilian can be responsible for their own behavior, no more. Unless the person is a rapist, the police cannot hold them responsible for rape – directly or by implication – be it victims, onlookers or other targets. Law and order is the responsibility of the police force.
  4. The police must not play judge, jury and executioner and impose regulations impacting a large section of the population arbitrarily. Has everyone sitting in the State Assembly and Parliament died? Similarly, the police have no right to pass judgments and punishments. Be them about the character of victims or directing malls to disconnect electricity to pubs, particularly when there is considerible risk that drunk people irritated with being asked to leave will be left in darkness with girls suddenly. Who takes responsibility for any molestations, misconduct or theft?
  5. When they are provided the licence plate of a criminal car with a person whose life is at risk being abducted being inside, The expectation is that they prevent further crime. It is outrageous that policemen listen to rapists saying it is all ok and stay where they are. When clear action is possible to save the victim, and the policemen refuse to carry it out – they should be prosecuted as complicit in the murder/rape/abduction/whatever.
  6. Policemen who rape or engage in other human rights abuses must be dismissed from service. Non-negotiable. They cannot be trusted to enforce a law they have no respect for. Refusal to file cases against such policemen should also amount to being complicit in the crime.
  7. Initiate better training and evidence based methods, better respect for human rights. Demand that any financial inadequacies or red tape preventing this be made a priority to address.
  8. After every crime, make it mandatory that the police condemn criminals, not victims. Every policeman speaking with the media MUST condemn the crime. Any condemnation of the victim should be seen as human rights abuse.

Dear police,

Do these, and depending on the results, we’ll issue more. Show us the results and prove your competence before issuing any worthless guidance. Till then, listen, implement, do your fucking jobs.

An Indian


Note: Feel free to sign your name, add your say, etc.

Here is a .pdf you can print. Guidelines for Gurgaon Police

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