Dianuke: Latest Pictures from Koodankulam: Women on Hunger Strike, Villagers Under Constant fear

The following post was originally published on dianuke.org The site seems suspended under questionable circumstances. The message is being republished here in solidarity of the struggle and with a view to the time sensitive nature of the appeal for help.


With the Idinthakarai-based anti-Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) protestors gearing-up for their ultimate agitation to ensure the permanent closure of the ready-to-be-commissioned nuclear power programme within a next few days, Collector R. Selvaraj has extended the prohibitory orders promulgated under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code to seven km from the KKNPP site.

The announcement was made last night shortly after 10 p.m. that enabled the officials to implement the orders from the existing 2-km radius from KKNPP site to 7 km. It will be in force till 6 p.m. June 7. After the district administration received intelligence reports that a few thousands of protestors, mostly from coastal hamlets, might block the roads leading to the KKNPP site and lay siege to the nuclear power project site, the existing prohibitory orders was extended up to 7 km under which Idinthakarai, the protest hub, also falls.

Additional reinforcements are being rushed to Kudankulam and its surroundings. Armed Reserve Police, 100 personnel from Tamil Nadu Commando Force and 100 personnel from Tamil Nadu Special Task Force had been deployed till Wednesday evening.


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  1. We know nuclear energy is dangerous but why protest?? Are the people living near fertilizer , leather, chemical factories living a happy life. The face much more pollution – air , water, land on daily basis compared to people living near nuclear stations which would be dangerous only if there is leakage. I’m sure people people of koodankulam use the product produced in those factories. I’ve a friend living at kalpakkam with no health isssues and I also know people living near those factories facing ground water contamination. But those people never protested. Then why koodankulam. So don’t we use plastic , cement etc. Did we bother that some one could be diseased because we are using this product?? Then why should we bother about koodankulam people.??

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