A democratic solution for Kashmir

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  1. Just a trash of an article to appease kashmiris and Pakistanis because you don’t want to face their counterparts and indians are just too stupid to realize it.
    Tell me if india is not serving kashmir?
    If they want development then they will have to be indians and cooperate with india. but they are totally denying it. they attack our military as they think we control them but motherfuckers if indian arms were not there then kashmir would have been another shit and terrorist land like pakistan.
    if you attack military then you will get response.
    it does not mean military is abusing them it means they get what they really deserve.
    if we free you today you won’t survive a month.
    if you want to be served then you have to be indians and cooprate with Republic Of India.

  2. Quite good except I really think the idea of separatists being in cahoots with the army a tad too farfetched!

  3. You think military occupation is some joke!

  4. Some points..
    1. Any solution of kashmir should include all of kashmir.
    2. The solution can be lasting only if it has consent of India,Pakistan and Kashmiri representitives because however much we deny we cant wish away Pakistani support in Kashmir insurgency.
    3. I feel as an Indian state we are doing little to counter Pakistani/Jehadi propaganda in Kashmir which does a lot to fuel anger of Kashmiri people often for non-existent reasons.
    4. Kashmiris whould be well informed to decide if they have to decide on thr own, as of now they are subject to state/jehadi misinformation which blocks thr reasoning.
    5. In any case Kashmir cant b granted sovereignty because of its strategic location and importance for Asia as a whole.

  5. Very bold and almost a near truthful expression of opinion. Vidyut, however you have omitted to take in to account about the external elements who will surely hijack and are waiting for an opportunity to take the piece of land .Is there a chance of big war should that happen and wll not India be dragged somehow? Wars of Iraq, Af, are different and Bangla and Srilanka are quite close almost on our soil .We were implicated. So this will be too.
    Ofcourse I agree we have sent our Army among more enemies than friends in Kashmir and it is quite obvious (my brother had been there and gave a chilling account of feelings of enmity between army and public.) and the fact that we run a puppet regime there always, spending lakhs of crores of public money.
    If your idea comes through and I wish it come ,we should rid this burden from our back., for neither Hindus nor Muslims are happy there..

  6. Nicely expressed .

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