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Close on heals scores of deaths for nth time Chhattisgarh due to Infections in Hospitals, Spurious Drugs, Un-sterilized Surgical Instruments, Simple Greed leading to all Vasectomy Operations had not made the state government vigilant enough to take preventive action, in the latest case Drug Supplier Simply had no Drug Manufacturing Facility but was getting state government orders on regular basis – it is reported that –.

Indian Railways had preferred to Place ORDER on Private Companies who neither Has Design or Testing or Manufacturing Facility and Experience worth Rs. Thousands of Crores. This perhaps led to Shunting of Railway Minister to lesser important department.

But what is common in both is that Rail Coach Factories are located in Non BJP states Punjab and Tamil Nadu so BJP missing out on GDP growth and profits.

I had for five years wanted GoI to import 20,000 Double Decker Coaches to replace standard Coaches Under Some Long Term Foreign Aid.

Indian Railways have Ready Design of Double Decker Coaches just want ORDERS, and in such situation placing Orders on Private Companies is most unfortunate.

It was Most Unfortunate that Education Minister of India Cut the German Language course taken by 80,000 Kendriya Vidyalayas School Children under Foreign Aid and Forcing them to take Sanskrit instead.

It is alright if some States where Sanskrit is spoken by people it should be recognized as third language after Hindi and English but applying to Kendriya Vidyalayas spread all over India is most stupid.

LPG subsidy distribution through Cash Transfer is MISCHIEF of Sam Pitroda who wanted to introduce Mobile Phones based Cash Transfer system and wanted to engage his Company.

I was procuring Various Gases for a Power Station in 1975 – each Cylinder Had a Number – these days BAR CODE is applicable for sale of most Consumer Goods could have been applied to LPG Cylinder Marketing easily. This is ACCURATE & RELIABLE way to Distribute & Take Back LPG Cylinders. Cash Transfer doesn’t Curb PILFERAGE & DIVERSION Of LPG for Commercial Use.

FCI instead of Silos built Brick Rooms to store Grains in Bags, which is most inefficient and unsafe storing of foods and totally manual in loading and unloading.

Farmers Storing Processing & Marketing of Foods would reduce Wastes and Ensure FRESH grade supply of foods.

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