Congress's old game

Read lots of columns and watched so many debates on TV set but none of them addresses my one question, on recent attack by congress’s government in New Delhi at midnight, happens to be on chaotic Indian democracy that what provoked government to attack Indian democracy?. Some are saying government felt Baba will attract more and more people that could lead to law and order problem in Delhi. Some says government want to send a signal that if it can reach out, it can reign in also. Further some said Baba was misusing the Ram Leela Maidan as he does not have permission for fasting. None of above arguments convinces me.

In my view it was the minority politics in the shadow of secularism. See the events how they unfolded. In the first place, government sends four ministers to appease Baba Ramdev, it seems a clear attempt to divide the Anna and Ramdev. Suddenly, government and Congress realized that they have gone very far and that annoyed the minority constituency. As usual, congress’s minority vote bank manger comes in action and given the statement that “Sonia Gandhi was not in loop”. Objective was very clear that first family has no intentions to appease Hindu Baba.

Further, government feared that Baba’s fast may lead to revival of BJP’s hindutva agenda and they tried to stop Baba’s fast. But Baba remains adamant, and gone ahead with fast. On the top of this RSS and BJP has render their open support to Baba and Sadhvi Rithambra had shared the stage with Baba Ramdev. Further talks with Baba Ramdev may have shown congress a party which is appeasing Hindu Baba and controversially he is someone who have support of RSS. And it led to congress to take strong action against Baba Ramdev and attempts to send a clear message to minority community do not go anywhere that we will continue to appease you.

It was a clear political action and I suspect it would have happened even if RSS had not been supported Baba Ramdev or Sadhvi-Ritambara had not share the stage with Baba. Because it seems to me that, in the eyes of congress, anyone who wears the saffron colour cloths is communal and supporting such a person, may lead to threat to minority vote bank of congress. Unfortunately, media too have created this perception.

Is this secularism or communalism in the shadow of secularism? If it would have been any Muslim religious leader, not Baba Ramdev, then real question is, would congress have taken same action? Recently, secular government has taken a week to arrest Abdul Naseer Madni accused of terrorism, leader of PDP in Kerla. Why are these double standards of so-called secular forces?

I am not here to paint anybody secular or non-secular, but congress’s secular agenda is simply not adding up and seems to me communal and divisive agenda, while congress accused opposition for same.

Even media has not raised these questions. While some section of media seems to be in the line of congress. I fear as long as this game of appeasing minority goes on for vote bank, it keep provoking the opposition to be communal or divisive, it does not mean I am justifying opposition. But my question remains that are media asking real question? Or is onus upon reader or viewer to read in between lines whatever media reports?

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