Some comments on Alka Lamba joining Aam Aadmi Party

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I discovered that Alka Lamba is joining Aam Aadmi Party and found it a little strange that some AAP supporters seem to be objecting to it.

I think objecting to her joining the party makes no sense. As a new party, Aam Aadmi Party will need a lot of people who can take on responsibility and articulate the party’s interest. Alka Lamba has political experience, political ambition and very importantly, she is a woman.

Not all that long ago, Aam Aadmi Party supporters were saying that they were having trouble finding enough women for leadership roles and to contest and so on. While it is true that the only women to win in Delhi were from Aam Aadmi Party, having only 7 candidates was pathetic in terms of the equality we’d like to see. And they’ll be needing leaders left, right and center as they hit the National stage.

There is a certain paranoia about members from another party joining AAP, but if AAP hopes to be a permanent feature of India, it is inevitable and it is desirable that it is an attractive party to idealistic politicians. In a party working transparently and by consensus, it shouldn’t matter who the person is, as long as it is clear to all that good work will be rewarded and wrong doing will be punished.

Like there is no point in forming personality cults for leaders, there is no point forming anti-personality cults for members. If she does not seem to be interested in the agenda of the common man, the leadership will not find her suitable for further responsibility. It ought to be as simple as that.

In a country where women are under represented, AAP has shown keen interest in providing them a platform. It is to be expected that competent women leaders who hit glass ceilings in parties they currently support WILL find AAP attractive, and in my imagination, this looks like a wonderful thing.

In fact, when the debate for the 33% reservation for women was going on, I had criticized it and suggested that 50% was an accurate representation, or there should be none, and women should ditch parties that subjugate them and move to parties like AAP or Loksatta that are seeking to provide greater representation to women. I see this as a very promising thing.

I don’t understand a knee jerk rejection because she belonged to Congress. So did Binny. He got a ticket, right? Shanti Bhusan was with BJP. He founded the party, right? It is time to look at the larger picture.

alka lamba photo
Ex-Congress politician Alka Lamba created a sensation when she declared that she was joining the Aam Aadmi Party

There is a need to see that you cannot unite a country by being paranoid on the basis of identity. be it class, caste, religion…. or political party. AAP has made a massive move toward value based politics. Perhaps it is time to trust the values and know that an “open source party”, as an AAP supporter described it to me once, will not allow the wrong values to thrive, because they will be questioned and disallowed further representation for being inaccurate.

That should provide the courage to embrace all in the Nation and judge them for their actions rather than affiliations.

It will also be useful for AAP by giving them a kick start on their women leaders. Let us face it, for women leaders to emerge in large numbers from the general population is going to take time. On the other hand, here are women with ambitions to make a mark in politics. Why shouldn’t AAP see this as an opportunity to get a rapid start on their agenda for gender equality?

Note: This is not saying that women should get special treatment. Only saying that special concern must be taken to ensure that the party has a healthy number of women, which it currently doesn’t. Aggression of this sort will decrease the space further and needs to be avoided.

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7 thoughts on “Some comments on Alka Lamba joining Aam Aadmi Party”

  1. Much touted value system has been thrown to winds by compromising on its all declarations like not joinging any one. filing fir on CWC in one week or bringing jan lok pal in three weeks. They are playing to the gallery and failed to behave as responsible government with a difference as was expected by many like me

  2. Mr. Aravind.
    as a Primary member of Aam Aadmi Party, i wish to suggest that Party should not tolerate un parliamentary words, used before media, it embarrass not only party, buy its success in forth coming election.

  3. Lesson Number 2

    Yesterday , Arvind Kejriwal declared ,

    ” I will not contest Lok Sabha election but I will actively campaign all over India , for AAP candidates ”

    No doubt , a wise decision

    A decision to contest a Lok Sabha seat would have carried a dangerously detrimental message , viz: ,

    ” For me , getting into Lok Sabha is more important than fulfilling my
    promises to people of Delhi ”

    In which case , people of not only Delhi but of entire India , would have wondered ,

    ” This person seems to be obsessed with ambition which exceeds the
    commitment he has made publicly – and repeatedly – only a few days
    How can he be trusted ? ”

    For Arvind , a wiser decision would be to leave Lok Sabha campaigning to his colleagues

    He must not leave Delhi for the next 6 months

    Every day , he must ,

    > make rounds of Delhi

    > personally assess if his officers are working hard to deliver on poll

    > tell people , what he has succeeded in implementing , what he is
    working on next , what is at planning stage. In short , present to
    people , his performance card

    > admit the honest mistakes that he – and his Cabinet colleagues – made
    and how they are learning to walk the tight rope of governance

    > tell people what can be done and what CANNOT be done – and why
    the limited resources cannot be stretched

    Sure , it is exhilarating to see the people’s response to AAP , from all over India

    Sure , you would like to ride the wave of people’s pent-up frustration against corruption , to get 50+ seats in Lok Sabha . Entirely possible

    Sure , you would want to galvanize the people’s anger against the shameless – and self-serving – politicians , to rewrite , THE NEW POLITICAL ORDER



    First completing current – and somewhat manageable – commitments to the people of Delhi has to be your ONLY PRIORITY

    If you succeed , in the annals of modern India’s history , it will merit a chapter titled ,


    And in World History , chapter on ” ARAB SPRING ” will be followed by a chapter on ” INDIAN SUMMER – MAY 2014 ”

    Let this be your lesson no 2

    * hemen parekh ( 06 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

  4. The problem is not AL as a person but many others like her who were part of other political parties and were defending very wrong doings of their leaders. If they themselves are leaders then they should have raised their voice. Ppl like Kamal Farooqui, AL, Tina from BJP & many others who were defending all the wrong doings of their own party lrdrs just for the survival in the political parties then in my view they are not leaders. As Leader is who can lead by example but in the past I don’t think they did something like that. They are the same ppl who were condeming AAP till before delhi election now seeing the massive support in public they are changing their stand on AAP and now want to join. I call it oppertunism and in my view AAP should avoid taking in these oppertunistic ppl who, you never know, joining AAP because their change of heart or coming to join AAP as agents of their own political parties to serve the interest. As the big political parties are rattled by the success and hence they as well try to push few ppl in AAP working as their agent. So overall the better strategy is to avoid ppl like them. The agenda and focus should remain the same is to serve with dignity and not asking to join ppl just to reach to power by hook or crook.

    1. the above views are right, but it is also true that a person after doing 10 wrongs want to correct himself or herself. That way we would never find a true AAPian. Everyone has made some or the other mistake in our life, it is better now than never. AAP needs good women politicians who are from general masses, every one should get space to correct.

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