Cable Operators of Delhi are reportedly blocking NDTV and ABP News #NDTVBlocked

NDTV blocked by Delhi cable operators

Final Update: DEN Network customers now reporting that NDTV has been resumed on their service. No further reports of blocks seem to be happening. Any fresh information will result in a new post. This one will not be updated further.


Various reports of NDTV not being accessible through cable operators since approximately 8pm in Delhi are flooding social media. Insiders claim AAP supporters claim that this is because the BJP leadership perceives the channel to be carrying anti-BJP content. BJP supporters are saying this is “AAP drama”. In the meanwhile, while the reason for the block remains unclear, it appears to be only for cable operators and DTH users are facing no problems.

So far, further enquiry on all reports seems to show that DEN are blocking NDTV citywide. Some reports of Siti +

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This post will be updated if more cable operator names get reported, or if DEN starts showing NDTV again. A map with areas will be added if required.

Update: ABP news too seems to have been blocked. “Insider” accounts (completely unreliable gossip) claim that there is no official word to block, however some pro-BJP channels have done so on own initiative. Example tweet:

Update 2: Several reports of other channels being blocked as well as one unconfirmed report of Tata Sky blocking NDTV – this would be DTH.

Update 3: North Delhi SITI set top box user reports all channels working.

Update 4:  Another user reports that cable operators have been instructed to not broadcast NDTV till the 7th. Awaiting information on the source of this update.

Update 5: TATA Sky showing all channels in Lajpat Nagar and probably several other places going by tweets without locations.

Update 6: Several people reported that DEN Network seems to have removed NDTV from its channel search list as well – this probably means that this is not a technical failure (as some BJP supporters are attempting to suggest) but a deliberate removal.

Update 7: no further reports of NDTV being off air. No reports of NDTV being available where it was blocked either. Perhaps the morning will bring more clarity.

Update 8: Sreenivasan Jain tweeted “We are looking into complaints of NDTV not being available in parts of Delhi.

CCN DEN appears to be showing NDTV but not Total TV and NewsX in East Delhi.

However other areas like Vikaspuri still reporting DEN blocking NDTV. One user reports that he called them up and they say they have orders.

Reports of possible other media censorship coming in as well.

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18 thoughts on “Cable Operators of Delhi are reportedly blocking NDTV and ABP News #NDTVBlocked”

  1. Aurobindo Mukerji

    I am over 79 and do not live on public money. I pay Rs.3300 to DISH TV to watch NDTV, DD Bangla, ALJAZEERA, and maybe just another channel for about two hours in a day. First DD Bangla was blocked for money, then ALJAZEERA and now NDTV has been blocked. How much more do I have to pay DISH TV to view maybe, two channels only for around two hours a day. All government and service provider promises have been forgotten and we are being blackmailed. I believe DISH TV is cheating me. Aurobindo Mukerji

  2. Hi I thought am alpine but I see lot of complaints. It’s been a month now thaT all NDTV channels been blocked by my DEN cable service provider.

    When i asked my cable operator he mentioned that because ndtv news shows kanahiya kumar from JNU news and that’s why they blocked it from back end.

    I don’t know from where should I complaint and who is the concerned authority but I am missing NDTV news channel which is not biased like others.

    Gol market new delhi area

  3. It is unfortunate to suppress the voice of People in Democratic country and those doing so will soon observe the reaction of peoples.

  4. NDTV is blocked in kanpur UP, and when i called them they are saying
    They have orders and can not resume channel by their own. And its being since last 4-5 month, when i search about this prob in google i came to know that this is common in many district.

  5. DEN Network has blocked NDTV Hindi as well as English in Shipra Suncity, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad from today-06May2016. Recently, I have visited Lucknow and found the same thing there. Intolerance by bhakts of RSS.

  6. NDTV blocked in varanasi since MArch 2016 . DEN is the service provider. Any legal mechanism to sue these thugs ?

  7. CCN DEN east Delhi blocks NDTV Total TV & News X. When complained they talk of some technical irregularity. We understand that the govt is kidnapping free voice

  8. 06:15 PM Feb 5. NDTV still off air on DEN. DEN customer care informed it is a technical issue which they are working on. The rep denied that DEN has received orders to block NDTV till Feb 7.

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