Bundgarden station police assault a transgender and two other youth, Commissioner of Police not interested

Bund Garden police brutality assaulting student for exposing their crime

It has been over a week since a naked eunuch rushed into the compound of Bundgarden Police Station fleeing from a group of men who had stripped and assaulted him.

Here are the surviving videos.

Not only did the police not rescue him and arrest his assaulters, they kicked him out of the police station and told the thugs to take the fight elsewhere.

Two students recording this assault and police response were chased by the police and beaten and forced to write apologies (unclear for what) and the police erased the recordings from their phone.

The thugs beat up the eunuch with sticks after he was chased out of the police station with kicks by the police.

The whereabouts of both the transgender youth as well as the two students are unknown.

On hearing of this incident, the Legal Rights Society (LRS), a Pune-based NGO immediately filed a complaint against seven police constables and two assistant police inspectors, who were involved in the incident, at Bundgarden Police Station. Satish Mathur, Commissioner of Police was not interested in acting against the accused, till Anoop Awasthi contacted Devendra Fadnavis, Chief minister of Maharashtra. With both the eunuch and students untraceable, the police claim that there is no one to file the complaint, which is not correct, as the LRS has indeed filed the complaint based on the actions of the police and other assaulters as recorded in the video.

In the meanwhile, the police have registered a dummy case of eve teasing against the eunuch as an explanation for the assault against him, which does not explain why they did not keep him at the police station for his supposed eve-teasing when he was clearly refusing to leave.

LRS is pursuing the matter further and updates will follow.

In the meanwhile, for anyone who wants to take this ahead, here is some information.

Bundgarden Police Station

Address: Moledina Road, near Collector Office, old Zilla Parishad, Pune Staion, Somwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Phone:020 2612 3825

Commissioner of Police, Pune: Satish Mathur

Phone number: +919158457255

Joint Commissioner of Police : Sanjeev Kumar

Phone Number: +919823802688
DCP SHRI. TAMAMBHARE = +919823030789
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