Bravehearts Out of Sight

Last year, a tweet of mine got over a hundred RTs. Several of the ones about Ashwini Kanungo, actually, but this one got the most.

Along with tweeting here, I had approached several people and organizations to help the family of Ashwini Kanungo.

At the time of his death, he had been married only a few months when he died. Only son of his widowed mother, his wife was a widow too now. Both women had no source of income and few possessions. They didn’t even have a phone. I was making calls to a distant relative who conveyed information.

While the honor of a president’s medal was great, they needed help to bear their economic and financial loss. Several people had said at that time that they would help.

Over the months I have made 3-4 calls to that man, who is not aware of *any* aid reaching the family. Considering that he was the sole contact I knew of for the family, it is unlikely that anything materialized at all.

That he did not get a president’s medal is clear from a simple Google search. I had written a couple of times to OSDMA too, asking for what help was being offered to his family and offering any assistance that may be needed. I did not get any reply at all. Even if he got any pension, his salary itself is hardly likely to be significant to begin with.

No clue on whether the people he saved contacted his family out of gratitude and concern either. Apparently no one calls to ask either, because the man recognizes me without fail as the “madam from Bombay”. Today he said I’m the only one who calls, so recognizing isn’t difficult.

The relative is going to their home to ask them specifically if they got assistance he doesn’t know of and wants me to call in two days. I will.

This update is just for your information. 10 months ago we called this man a hero and appreciated his sacrifice. Today, no one knows the condition of his widow and widowed mother. Hopefully I’ll come to know in a day or two.

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