BEWARE AAP, says AAP MP Dr. Dharamvira Dv Gandhi

Dr. Dharamvira Dv Gandhi

Yet another powerful voice. Dr. Dharamvira Dv Gandhi, calls for reason within AAP. One that, like Admiral Ramda cautioning AAP in an almost prophetic letter before the rash manipulation that led to the ouster of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav from the PAC, cannot be dismissed by AAP’s concerted attempts to present internal dissent, objections to unethical behavior and calls for accountability as external conspiracy.

How many calls for sanity will be washed into oblivion with the arrogant greed of AAP’s Delhi leadership? Here is Dr. Dharamvira Dv Gandhi’s message that he has posted on Facebook:

While working whole heartedly for the party, both inside and outside the parliament ,I am observing, I am studying, I am analysing dispassionately and observing complete neutrality,AAP developments in Delhi and punjab with all honesty, seriousness and wisdom at my command, for the last 8 months. Not just persons and personalities, I am revisiting the the whole journey of the party, and the idea of AAP itself. .
All people like me who are working as dedicated workers of the party are there, not because of this or that person or personality, but because of the assessment and conviction that, political situation in India is pregnant with change, and AAP is the only idea and organisation on the Indian political horizon today, which can change the way politics is done in this country,and a ray of hope of billions of victims of this system.
In these difficult times through which we are passing today, it is the duty of all honest, selfless and dedicated volunteers, married to the cause of people of this country,not to be just the ‘followers’ but inculcate among themselves the sense of logic,reasoning, rationality and spirit of enquiry like a social scientist,because this is the only way to serve the interests of the party and people.
The future of the party,dear volunteers is in your hands.If you allow this party to be a party of just followers like ones in congress, BJP, SP,BSP and alike and not a party of thinking volunteers,you will only spell doom for the party,you love so much.

Can we really strike a balance between principles and pragmatism is the real bone of contention and the key question today. A correct position on this issue will play a decisive role in deciding the future of AAP, and the people of this country.

While sharing with you all my genuine concerns, I warn all leaders however big bigs,and grass root volunteers of AAP however small, that we have no right to betray the aspirations and faith, reposed in AAP by billions of poor and frustrated Indians, on flimsy grounds and petty resolvable differences. We all combined, are too small,nothing and no body, in comparison to the hope and faith,reposed in AAp by 125 crore helpless people of this country.
Let each one of us including all our leaders understand that if we think, act and play petty during this historic era of hope, the history and people of india will never forgive us and we are bound to be dumped in to garbage of history. BEWARE AAP.

The usual accusations of “AVAMI”, “when has he campaigned on the ground?” and more cannot work when he clearly is among the few to succeed where even Kejriwal failed in spite of using disproportionate assets of the party and nationwide support, while other leaders were left to fend for themselves.

One wonders what new tactic will be pulled out of the bottomless hat of AAP Delhi’s “leaders” – who appear to have replaced the national leadership for all intents and purposes.

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1 thought on “BEWARE AAP, says AAP MP Dr. Dharamvira Dv Gandhi”

  1. Subhash Chandra Kumar

    free frank and unbiased discussion at national council meeting will be very useful .
    if a group is satisfied with the Delhi results only ,and try to highjack the party by group ism , must be removed from the decision making bodies
    Goal of the party is much higher than Delhi cm or Delhi govt
    Janlokpal and other constitutional amendments are the minimum we demand.

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