Communist leader Govind Pansare and wife Uma Pansare attacked in Kolhapur

Protests in Pune after attack on Govind Pansare

A year and a half after the brutal murder of Narendra Dabholkar on 20th August 2013, another Communist leader and Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti activist Govind Pansare and his wife Uma been shot in a similar manner in Kolhapur today.

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Govind Pansare faced considerable anger from Hindutva extremist groups as the main organizer of the talk “Who killed Karkare?” based on the book by former Inspector General of Police, Shamshuddin Mushrif and was an active leader of the Communist Party of India from Kolhapur.

Who killed Karkare?
Who killed Karkare?

Govind Pansare is said to be gravely injured on his neck. He is admitted in Kolhapur’s Austere Adhaar Hospital with severe blood loss and is being operated upon. Close aide Nivas Salokhe has told Indian Express reporter that he is undergoing surgery. His wife Uma is said to be stable.

News still coming in. Post will be updated.

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Anti-superstition activists are increasingly under attack from right wing extremists in Maharashtra.

Protesters in Pune after attack on Govind Pansare

Protests in Pune after attack on Govind Pansare
Protests in Pune after attack on Govind Pansare. Photo: Sameer Khan

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