An Unforgettable Birthday

It was early morning, and I was totally stressful because of my university entry exam which was going to start two hours later. That day was a vital day for me because result of that exam would have changed my future. I had made preparation regarding this for about one year. All members of my family tried to make me calm down; when I said goodbye to them, my mother with eyes full of tear murmured pray and said “my darling, don’t worry. God will help you.” hearing these words from my mother, a pure peace covered whole of my body and I left home with a different feeling.

When I arrived to exam site, I saw a mass of students who were waiting behind of entrance door. I joined with them to wait for beginning of the exam. Finally, after thirty minutes, the door was opened, and flood of students sloped on the site. Everyone placed on her determined chair. The exam started after a few minutes, it comprised one hundred and sixty questions and lasted for about two hours and half.

I had an unknown feeling, neither bad nor good. “Finally it finished,” I thought “how well did I do it, good or bad? Great or awful?” I really became dizzy. I was floating in my thoughts as much as I didn’t realize how I arrived to my house-door. My sister opened the door and when she saw me, started to ask questions about my exam one after another. On that condition, I didn’t know what to tell her. As I was answering her questions tiredly, I opened my bedroom’s door and suddenly I heard a sound of “Happy Birthday to You” that was saying by a group of persons. When I look inside the room I saw my family and all my friends. “Wow! It is unbelievable.” I tell myself “Is it my birthday?” then when I remembered the date, yes it was exactly my birthday. A wave of excitement was washing over me, which I cannot express by words.

The sense they gave me caused my previous feeling to disappear. Whenever I remember those brilliant moments, I can truly say, that birthday has been the most unforgettable one I have ever had.

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