The Acid Rain – Ashish Bhalla

When in life you really lack a backbone,
you hide behind and say’to everybody his own’.
Even if the people on the streets go insane,
corruption goes on endlessly, without a bane.

Promises have been made and will be made again,
just like injections to relieve the pain.
Those of us who matter just don’t care,
even for the corrupt it’s just a scare.

We plant a seed and wait for it to grow,
patiently we water and till row by row,
the eyes of the corrupt fall on the standing crop,
for’their share’ of the ‘booty’ they stoop and drop,
plundering the farm with their ‘acid rain’,
‘honesty’ is a word that causes much pain.

Even in this mayhem there is a shimmering light,
i see some shadows,deep in the dark night,
hope these shadows will get brighter with time,
and there will be an end to corruption and crime.

What India needs is not just another’Anna’,
‘Hazaars’ will be needed, tabhi baat hai banna.

~ Ashish Bhalla

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