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Vidyut started this blog out of a vague interest in writing and the world around her. She learned to facilitate human interaction in group processes with ISABS. When her son was born and as a new mother she found herself often alone at home and without adult company She took to the internet for news and interaction, and found realized that the country IS a large group.

Many of the concepts that apply to social groups and learning laboratories and organization development apply to the country even though the scale is larger. In social media, Vidyut found a means to speak about the prevailing inequalities of power and voice and attempted to make interventions as she would, in a learning group, to keep the space open and inclusive of all to achieve their growth agendas in.

Her perspective being novel, and strongly rooted in observations that she could articulate to ground her reasoning in, the blog quickly picked up in popularity and she ended up learning a lot about politics, social movements and the dynamics of power on a national scale.

Being perpetually short of funds, she also developed competence in the technical aspects of running a blog well. She remains committed to open content and human causes. Key areas of interest include women’s empowerment, children’s rights (and meaning it), fundamental rights, transparent government and media neutrality. This blog has also been of use in raising several issues that media overlooked, as well as being a core pillar for coordinating information in the wake of several natural emergencies.

She sees this blog as a space that is solidly committed to inclusion and candid talk.

She now blogs full time and lives on a shoe string budget with a son with severe challenges and complex family issues, so if you appreciate this space and would like to support this blog as a voice of independent new media that enriches the reader’s mind, do donate. Money goes a long way toward sustaining this space and the lives that go into keeping it what it is.

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