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12 Comments on "A Life in Clothes – Part 5 : Shehari"

  1. Wow. Soooo awesome. Was thoroughly entertaining and moving. What a roller-coaster of a life.

    Very nice. I don’t understand what exactly this freedom is, that you constantly seek. Is it just that you want to live life like a man would, do things a man can? Or are you really outgoing & adventurous that is the driving force of your life?

    You don’t have to answer that, its just a thought in my head! Of the so many thoughts & questions I currently have in my head, after reading this…

    I wish I could gather all my thoughts and make a decent feedback-comment for the entire piece. Gr8…

  2. Saaveri Pavan | May 6, 2012 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    i enjoyed reading this so much, a lot resonated with me, thank you for writing this. Thank you.

  3. I have spent the whole day in office today reading your blog. I think I have found a new hero(ine?) to look up to in life 🙂 

  4. It was “PK Talli”(???!!!) and her twitter discourse wit u that brought me to this blog… same as her, this the first blog i read 5 in a row. Since i stated following u on twtr a bit before ur husband-abuse-police-MIL support event, i liked it better still, as i had kind of a prologue to it. (u might consider that 😉 …..
    1) From a literary perspective, your writing is very gripping, as i mentioned in twtr. Not only because we get to hear about a spicy melodramatic story about a women, but also because of your writing. Many of your lines, made me imagine the scenes… sleeping in veranda, watching horse from 1/2 km (shania twain style maybe), muh-bola-bhais, gora calling on you (i visualized him on horse,british-raj types 🙂 .. )
    2) As a person, well….salute. To all your adventures (if i may say so), i just bow….. Japanese ishtyle.
    3) “You are too high. I can’t reach there. I am a man. I should have control, so I pull you down”  ha ha ha , tats so very man-types.
    4) Now, as a mark of respect, i wont grunt when you bombared my timeline with so many tweets on one particular issue..  🙂    ( Instead, to keep my TL cleaner i would now unfollow Chetan Bhagat, Shashi Tharoor and Barkha Dutt together)

    Well done lady, it has been great knowing the presence of you the person.


  5. More power to you Vidyut! 

    I would wait for your book….I do not read someone this easy, I haven’t read any blog to date with 5 posts in a day!! 

    Please do write….


  6. lakshmi subbramanian | July 7, 2011 at 10:20 am | Reply

    Beautifully written , Hats off .

  7. I bow to thee O Great Woman!
    You, as you are, havnt met or heard of any.
    Its not what befell you, but your strength which kept you moving mile to mile, phase to phase.

    And the best, you did not forget to love. Am sure its alive and kicking in you, and you shall find somebody Man enough to Have you as you are, with all your strengths and positives.

    I could completely identify with innumerable things in here, specially the dressing down to be counted as a man.. to many more.

    It was my pleasure that I landed here. Wish you a Great fulfilling life hereafter!!

  8. Nageena Vijayan | June 28, 2011 at 1:11 pm | Reply

    Just curious? How are you as a Mother? Do you allow the absolute freedom to your child? Do you shed off all judgement when it comes to parenting? Can you stand aside and watch as he or she does whatever he or she wants in life, even when you do not tend to agree with it?

    • I have no clue how I am as a mother, I just am. I try and give him as much freedom as possible, encourage him further, make things possible to the best of my ability. I don’t believe in judgments as a whole, so parenting included. 

      About standing aside and watching whatever he or she wants in life, even when I don’t agree…. yes. It is not easy. Sometimes mentally, sometimes physically, but to the best of my ability, I don’t interfere with his choices. This may mean watching cartoons at 3am or it may later mean more serious things. 

      Frankly, I don’t have a template on how he should be. Come bed time, or if I see him drooping, I offer to rock him to sleep (which is what he enjoys). Sometimes he doesn’t want/like it. So I do what he wants. I don’t exactly have a “should” for him. I generally offer him the usual comforts and he mostly takes them, but sometimes he doesn’t, and we discover our way along.

      Example shocking to many parents. I have never held his mouth open to feed him by force. If he doesn’t want, I respect his wish. So, to give medicine at the doctors, the minute the doctor forces his mouth open, there is this big struggly and wriggling and fighting and crying…. but if the doctor just feeds him his medicine, he takes it just fine. No force needed.

      Is this what you were asking?

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