6 thoughts on “3 Aadhaar vulnerabilities that anyone could exploit”

  1. This is bogus post. Mobile number can only be updated when you go to the UID center. Also, interlinking of ID ensures that any intrusion is detected very easily.

  2. When I tried to change my mobile number (I still have to do it), I found out I need to go to UIDAI centre and verify my biometrics. So I guess all this is not as easy as you make it sound. And identity theft has been around even before Aadhar. I am not a fan of Aadhar or the government but trying to make an informed and rational inference here.

  3. Why Aadhaar Failed?

    Your fingerprint will be stolen from mobile shop, printed in transparency, used to clean bank a/c via #AADHAAR pay, sell property at #AADHAAR enabled registration office, update your mobile number in #AADHAAR database.

    You will call 1947 to report your #AADHAAR bio-metrics theft, they will ask you email help@uidai.gov.in, you will email every day, UIDAI will respond after 10th attempt asking you to lock your bio-metrics, you will lock it, criminal will now go to an #AADHAAR enrollment center wearing your fingerprint and unlock your bio-metrics and update your mobile number in #AADHAAR database. You will get fed up and go to police to file FIR, they will tell you that only UIDAI can file FIR for any #AADHAAR related crime, you will go to court and ask UIDAI to compensate for your bank balance, property loss, they will show you aadhaar act telling you that you agreed to terms and conditions that you are solely responsible for your #AADHAAR bio-metrics thefts, #AADHAAR mongers are just there to make trillion dollars profit out of billion demographics and bio-metrics details.

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