Look ma, we have terrorists too!

What a day of pride. The religion that embraced diverse influences to include and evolve now has a new feather in its cap. We now have our own warriors. We can fight other religions so that they don’t destroy us. Isn’t it great?

For years, the BJP created ruckus and pandemonium at the mention of saffron terror. Hah, sold to the west. They have no pride in their religion. We know how Hindus are suffering. We know that if we can throw a couple of bombs and bring the Muslim population down, we can fix anything. Of course we are terrorists. People who do evil deeds must fear our justice. We are strong, hear us roar. We are the Taliban RSS.

What a day of shame!

Of course, many of us knew or suspected that this was happening. Fiery speeches and riots can’t stop where they are without change, and change didn’t happen, we know.

Today, the newspapers are abuzz with news about Swami Aseemanand’s confession about how he was responsible for the Samjhauta blasts that killed 68 innocent people – Muslims, Pakistanis, mostly. And still, we hear those alarming lines we are so used to hearing from Pakistan and Muslims – if some people are like that, that doesn’t mean Islam is…. or Pakistan is…. today, we are hearing the same lines, but Islam is replaced by Hinduism, Muslim is replaced by Hindu. Yet another religion joins the hate brigade. What next? Jains?

This is the result of hate agendas using religion as a tool to gain recruitment and support.

After centuries and centuries of evolution, with hundreds of influences merging into the sea of practices that Hinduism is, we discovered that we are now saturated. All of a sudden, Christians and Muslims are too much to accept. Soon after, we earn this blot to our reputation.

After ages of Gods guiding and protecting people, suddenly, people think that they are responsible for the survival of a religion that has existed for longer than they can comprehend. If they don’t protect Hinduism, Hinduism will be extinct. Talk of small egos.

Here’s a thought. Hinduism has no entrance form. As far as the religion is concerned, there is no one who isn’t a Hindu – there is no such definition, because it speaks of mankind. We have ‘sub-religions’ so different from each other, that two Hindus can find each other’s practices totally alien. And we have Hindus attacking Hindus, suppressing them and so on. Yet, suddenly Muslims become this special case. Have you considered that by making Muslims a separate identity, you are following Islam and not Hinduism? Or Christianity, in separating Christians? No Hindu text has such differences. We have influences. We have evolution. We have thoughtful reform that lets us choose what influences to absorb. Militancy is not one of them.

No Hindu text makes you so powerful that you can defend God or religion itself. Get over yourselves and your grudges. Get smart. Get a life. Hatred is no way to be.