A Farmer’s poem

A video by P. Sainath describing the plight of farmers.

India is indebted to this man. We must do something to fix this. Tragic.

Here is a poem from the video.

मी आगळा एगळा
माई न्यारीच जिन्दगानी
माझं मरण भी आहे
खरं अवगनी पाणी

मले हरीक माय कवितेचा
काळ्या जमीनीतला काऊस
त्याच्या मुळील गोडवा
गोड उसाच्या पेराचा

मला मरण आले कुणी
मला दिलियेला देह
टांगता ठेवला
जसा फुलोर्यातला कान्होला

rough translation

I am different
My life is different
My death is also
Like an untimely rain

I love green poetry
[I am] Cotton that grows from black soil
With sweet roots
Like a sugarcane stem

When I die
The body given to me
Is left to hang
Like a decoration

– Late Shri Krishna Kalamb Farmer, poet.



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