Woman takes attacker's penis to cop

An article made headlines yesterday. Woman takes attacker’s penis to cop

Apparently some woman in Bangladesh was molested by a man, and she cut off his penis and took it to the cops.

Naturally, this caught the imagination of many people. Also many felt vindicated about what she did. It is only too common to feel helpless rage around rapes. It is rare to hear about something like this. The post got tweeted a lot on Twitter. I tweeted too 😀

I came across a person who thought it was enough. I didn’t appreciate that. I was quite happy that for once, a woman wasn’t playing victim. She had dealt with the situation, and the criminal was the unhappy one for once…. with life wrecked and all that. Not to mention future victims were safer. I did not like anyone objecting, and I made that clear.

Contrary that I am, I wanted to know why, to which he responded that 140 words of Twitter are inadequate. So, I invite him to use the comments here to write as much as he wants. I really want to know what was wrong with retweeting that article – as much as people wanted.

And I really want to know. In my euphoria, I could have been insensitive to something.