The wanderer's mind

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I have been a professional outbound person for over 12 years now and it is one of the most satisfying professions I could be in. I have worked hard and often on high altitude treks, with horses on riding trails, cooking, guiding, translating, climbing, organising and in general wishing that a day could have 48 hours. I have been frustrated, tired, happy and every other emotion there is, but I have yet to feel like leaving the outdoors as and find work elsewhere.

Back after a 7 year life in Manali, the city Mumbai feels calustrophobic. From an adventuring nomad who took clients along on journeys, I have become a “service provider” in the eyes of my clientele. Such changes are not good for the free spirited wanderer in me, but then one has to acclimatize to life in a prison to find happiness there.

I own a company Wide Aware and it’s doing well too, but I often feel that selling adventure is like filling a breeze into a balloon. I merely try and introduce ‘clients’ to what I enjoy, and what I see as important and count myself lucky that they often agree.

This may have been because the outdoors, to me is a way of life, it is simply the ‘flow’ – that is how it is. I can leave the outdoors like my shadow can leave me. There may be no light, but there is always a shadow. Perhaps, if I thought differently, I could have done something else, been another person, writing on a blog about racing cars or computers or something else.

It is not my choice for now.

At the moment, I am content to be a nomadic, a nut-case blogger speaking of distant melodies that echo from old memories. Expanding my world view to fit the city and online world. To overcome the sense of loss and explore what I have found.

Now, I have a new world to wander in. The world of blogging. I am new at this, but to my inclusive nature, this sounds just perfect.