The Airtel update

Airtel has a systematic method of extortion.

Read the beginning of the problem – Airtel Billing harassment.

Since then, I had been getting a steady stream of their goons asking for money. Couple of them were rude, all of them threatening legal action, and none of them knowing the problems in the case – basically, all my complaints have never entered their system. I asked. Nothing. Nor any intimations from @airtel_presence – which they told me they had asked someone to look into the matter – in public tweets. Two complaints I filed got closed without a single word with me or even informing me. After everything, their record is that I am defaulting on their bill.

On the 18th June, I started getting calls suggesting settlement from their legal department. My routine bill was Rs.350/-. The inflated bill I refused to pay was for over Rs.9,000/- I had not used the phone, they say I used it. their word against mine, but they can print on paper, so they are right Read earlier post for details. They suggested a settlement at Rs.2,500/-. I asked for a statement saying that. They refused – saying that that is not how things happen, but I would get a receipt. I called Airtel helpline, the only help I got was that their legal department handles these things, and to follow their advice. Tweeted @airtel_presence on Twitter for confirmation that their legal department. No specific response other than an email address. By the time I got this response, not enough time for email consultations, the guy was there.

With me having many headaches to juggle already, I decided to pay the amount. They wanted cash, I paid cheque. Was told phone number would start working by the 26th. 26th came and went. I contacted @airtel_presence on Twitter. Few hours later, I got one of the goons back to extort the “balance amount”. They had taken my payment and credited it against their manufactured outstanding and want me to pay the balance. No clearing of outstanding happened. The receipt they gave me states : this receipt not to be considered for full and final settlements in any ┬ácircumstances, which I hadn’t noticed because of Nisarga throwing a tantrum at the same time as the goon came.

So now, my much needed money has been stolen by the bastards, my phone is still not working, and their goons are still harassing me. If you are using Airtel, think again.

Seriously think again, because all I was doing was using Rs.350/- worth of their network every month when this hit.