Tractor2Twitter Press Note

Tractor2Twitter Press Note 2

Press release: We at Tractor2Twitter are flabbergasted by the attack on our freedom of speech in our free country when we need it the most.

This happens when whole nation is suffering aftereffects of propaganda and fake news event after event. Till now Tractor2Twitter acted as voice of people to keep the farmer movement peaceful, on tack and ambushed the attacks of “Godi-Media” with truthful coverage with limited resources. We are not even media group but an entity which conceptualised because of biased media presence and immediately became a phenomenon.

We strongly condemn the action of authorities on our twitter handle @tractor2twitr. We demand that gag orders should be taken back immediately. We will keep fighting for people, keep exercising our legal and democratic rights because it’s our country.

All are requested to follow our backup account @tractor2twitr_b

Attaching many provocative hashtags from past which were damaging, and they are never stopped by Govt and authorities till now:








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