Tribute to the Sai Baba Fraud

Tribute to the Sai Baba Fraud 2

Now that he’s dead, these videos will become less popular. Thought I’d keep them handy, just in case N grows up and wants to be a conjurer, this could get him started. This is a must watch, if you go around advising people on such matters.

So, here goes. Jai Sai Baba.

A friend was quite scandalized by my irreverence when I wrote that I was quite thrilled that Sai baba died “off schedule” (he had predicted his own death for 2022). She thinks I should respect him for his philanthropy. I see no need to go around praising people for their business investments. Its the VIPs who get those gold chains. For mass blessings, its ash. God knows economics.

Here’s another Baba for you. Covered by the BBC, no less.

Why do I do this? Why don’t I let a dead man die? Because not debunking this nonsense is dangerous for my country. Because blind faith nurtures loss of intelligence. And this kind of blind faith is not limited to rural societies. Witness Sachin Tendulkar sobbing inconsolably. Huh? Thank goodness I don’t admire him for critical thinking.

But there are countless more. well educated professionals – doctors, engineers, physicists, scientists….. you name it! It is a most worrying state of gullibility.

Please don’t tell me about his philanthropy. Investing in your business isn’t philanthropy. Its like watering your garden and saying you saved the environment. Who exactly is the poor man who got anything other than ash? Free food? People come there, give him PR, money. Least he could do is feed them.

These same zealots will hate Christian missionaries for providing education and health. Some pimps of religion are more sacred than others?

This is not to hurt anyone devastated by his death. Go ahead, mourn, but this video stays up as my protest against the stupid decision makers of this country who announced a four day mourning about his death. Why? What exactly did he do for the country?

If the leaders of our country believe this man to be God, then our education system has failed beyond expectations. On one hand, we have massive drives to challenge superstition and on the other hand, the GOVERNMENT does things like this. This really sucks.

About now would be a good time to check out rationalist movements in our country.

Here are some good sources to get you started. Put that hole Sai Baba left in your hearts to good use.

Official Website of Science and Rationalists’ Association of India

Indian Rationalist Association

Welcome to Tarksheel Society

If you live abroad and have still managed to treasure these beliefs, try:

Rationalist International

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