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Baramati, Maharashtra - Google Maps

Rape – caste panchayat stuffs chilli powder in a woman’s vagina …and a political cover up in Baramati

Bare facts of the matter as reported by ANS activist Krishna Chandgude जातपंचायतचे कौर्य : महिलेच्या योनी मार्गात मिरची ची पुड कोंबली..अंनिसमुळे गुन्हा कागदावर. बारामती जवळील झारगडवाडी येथील हनुमंत शिंदे यांच्या मुलाचे लग्न पंचांना पसंद नसणार्‍या (स्वजातीय ) मुलीशी केले. त्यामुळे वैदू जातपंचायत ने त्यांच्या परीवारास जात बहिष्कृत केले . पुढे त्यांच्या मुलीच्या साखरपुड्यातील वर्‍हाडींना […]

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screenshot of report from Jalna saying no government tankers were providing water

MAHAdrought: Wishing Maharashtra a very, very funny April Fool’s Day!

Dear Maharashtra, I have been reading news on this drought of yours and the misery you are in. I thought that the joke has gone too far, and today might be a good day to reveal that you have been pranked. It is time to stop crying about not having water and realize that things […]

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