Child deaths due to oxygen cut off at Gorakhpur

The Gorakhpur tragedy and Nero’s guests

As I watch the Gorakhpur tragedy unfold, “Nero’s Guests”, a documentary by P Sainath, comes to my mind. It concludes with Sainath’s speech where he shares a piece of ancient history involving Nero, the infamous emperor of Rome. When Rome burnt and Nero could not control the fire, he decided to throw a party and […]

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P Sainath

Transcript: Why Democracy – P. Sainath

The following is the transcript of snippets of P. Sainath’s insights on democracy. I think there is much to think of here. Many thanks Atul Hirde for making this video and sharing. I believe that a democratic political culture is essential for any kind of governance, any kind of social contract, for any kind of […]

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Indira (Nancy), Greenfields SOS
Child Rights

Foundling wheel in India?

In a country with a pathetic sex ratio and tall claims to protect girl children, precious little beyond propaganda actually happens to save them from harm.

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