Rape statistics


Open letter to Indian media about Lok Sabha Elections

Dear media, India is witnessing an unprecedented event. It is the largest election to date in the world. We have them every five years, but our population has grown since our own previous record. So has the reach of mass media and social media and mobile phones. Recent developments in the country have raised the […]

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Woman kills neighbour who tried to rape her 5-year-old daughter

A woman in Jharkhand has killed her neighbour for trying to rape her five year old daughter. The woman was out of her home for work when the neighbour misbehaved with her daughter. When she returned, her daughter told her. In a fit of rage, she bludgeoned the man to death. While it isn’t the […]

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Rape Linked to Lax Security

RAPE LINKED TO LAX SECURITY. NIGHT POLICING MORE IS LESS. GURGAON JOB RESTRICTIONS UNLAWFUL. March 16 2012: By: Vijay Panjwani, Advocate Supreme Court Honesty, punctuality, a propensity to keep promises, the attitude towards corruption are matters shaped in great part by norms and social beliefs and the behavior patterns can become habitual. In democratic India […]

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K G Balakrishnan

Chief Justice of India CJI K.G. Balakrishnan

“Due regard must be given to their (the rape victims’) personal autonomy since in some cases, the victim may choose to marry the perpetrator or choose to give birth to a child conceived through forced intercourse.” The statement was ironically made on the eve of International Women’s Day. He had also urged judges, lawyers and […]

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Women's rights

Recent Reports of Violence against women at Maps4Aid

Making it jazzy for those who find it dreary news too depressing. Here are headlines from February alone of reports of violence against women at Maps4Aid website. Note that these are a small fraction of what’s happening. To land up in the list: Out of all crimes that happened, a certain number got reported to […]

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