Prashant Panday

On the inequality of censorship, Arun Jaitey, Barkha Dutt, and some thoughts

Yesterday when I wrote the article saying that Arun Jaitley sending the notice to the blogger Prashant Panday was a good thing, I came across a couple of immediate condemnations regarding how Barkha Dutt got criticized for the same. It is hardly a new thing for the distinctions between free speech and slander to be […]

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Why Arun Jaitley’s notice to the blogger is a good thing

Arun Jaitley’s advocate, Pratibha Singh has sent a legal notice to blogger Prashant Panday and Arun Jaitley has posted it on his personal website as well. The blogger had made certain accusations about Jaitley’s finances. I think this is a good thing. Not the practice of sending notices to bloggers to shut them up, but […]

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